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Love for local

Supermarkets are convenient, but often source their products from all over the world – racking up carbon emissions and squeezing out local competition. As a reaction to this, Danish co-operative superstore SuperBrugsen are encouraging customers to suggest local products that they’d like to see on their supermarket shelves.

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McDonald is launching its latest ‘localised’ product – the McCamembert! (Thanks, Tim)

This isn’t the first time McDonalds have introduced local favourites. The Middle East enjoyed the McArabia, Japan experienced the Mega Teriyaki and Thailand chomped their way through Jasmine Rice Patties. McDonalds is set to open its first vegetarian-only restaurant this year in India, and elsewhere the restaurant doesn’t serve beef and pork out of respect for their Hindu and Muslim customers. Hopefully the Elmwood Leeds studio can look forward to the McYorkshirePudding arriving soon!

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More than a market

How do you help a community feel more connected, whilst providing access to healthy food at a fair price? The answer – open a grocery store. The People’s Community Market in West Oakland is funded by the community and investors, who in-turn keep some of the profits. Once it’s built, the market will provide jobs, educate families about healthy living, and provide a space for people to get together. A cornerstone for this Californian community.

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Flash your cash

You’ve already heard of flash mobbing, the craze that started way back in 2003 in Manhattan. People used social media to arrange to meet in a certain place and join in with an activity like dancing or pillow fighting.

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Levi’s uniform

Levi’s has partnered with San Francisco’s acclaimed Saison restaurant to create functional workwear for its staff. The restaurant shares the pioneering spirit of the Levi’s brand with its unique open-kitchen environment and innovative approach.

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Putting the ‘market’ back into ‘supermarket’

Dutch entrepreneurs, Quirijn Bolle and Meike Beeren, set their small supermarket chain Marqt apart not just through their select partnerships with local producers, ranging from regional farmers to artisan bakers, but by having products delivered directly. And here’s the biggy – prices are determined by the producers, with Marqt receiving a percentage of the profits. The idea is to put the ‘market’ back in supermarket, with a commitment to fresh and sustainably sourced products. Currently operating three stores in Amsterdam and Haarlem – and employing 140 people – Marqt is set to expand to 15 locations in the Netherlands by 2013.

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A moveable feast

Fresh Moves Mobile Market have thought up a way to bring fresh produce to the parts of Chicago that lack them. Sparing the expense of the usual bricks and mortar grocery, Fresh Moves have repurposed a CTA bus into a one-aisle produce mart, carrying a mix of conventional and organic fruits and veg.

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Sewn Local

Freemans Sporting Club is a men’s clothing retailer that pays tribute to the vanishing art of durable American handmade goods. (Tx for the heads up Elliot).

FSC offers a roughly hewn yet refined reinterpretation of this bygone era, when a man’s garments were functional and long lasting. “Made Local, Buy Local” are core tenants of the FSC ethos and nearly all of the collection is manufactured within ten miles of the NYC shops.

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Property playlist

Morgans Hotel Group is giving away downloadable music and playlists via scannable QR codes on guests’ keycards. Launched through a partnership with music download site RCRD LBL, the initiative serves up 20-song playlists compiled to suit the unique feel of each property.

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Ultra – local food

Brixton Cornercopia is both a purveyor of delicious local food and a hub for sharing recipes and food stories.

The corner shop deli-cum-eatery celebrates the uniqueness of Brixton market and its people – the abundance of raw ingredients, the diversity of homemade food products and the personal stories and recipes of the local community. Brixton Cornercopia aims to revive the market tradition by providing fresh foods to the local population, which is something that’s disappeared from many markets.


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