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Putting the ‘market’ back into ‘supermarket’

Dutch entrepreneurs, Quirijn Bolle and Meike Beeren, set their small supermarket chain Marqt apart not just through their select partnerships with local producers, ranging from regional farmers to artisan bakers, but by having products delivered directly. And here’s the biggy – prices are determined by the producers, with Marqt receiving a percentage of the profits. The idea is to put the ‘market’ back in supermarket, with a commitment to fresh and sustainably sourced products. Currently operating three stores in Amsterdam and Haarlem – and employing 140 people – Marqt is set to expand to 15 locations in the Netherlands by 2013.

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A moveable feast

Fresh Moves Mobile Market have thought up a way to bring fresh produce to the parts of Chicago that lack them. Sparing the expense of the usual bricks and mortar grocery, Fresh Moves have repurposed a CTA bus into a one-aisle produce mart, carrying a mix of conventional and organic fruits and veg.

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Sewn Local

Freemans Sporting Club is a men’s clothing retailer that pays tribute to the vanishing art of durable American handmade goods. (Tx for the heads up Elliot).

FSC offers a roughly hewn yet refined reinterpretation of this bygone era, when a man’s garments were functional and long lasting. “Made Local, Buy Local” are core tenants of the FSC ethos and nearly all of the collection is manufactured within ten miles of the NYC shops.

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Property playlist

Morgans Hotel Group is giving away downloadable music and playlists via scannable QR codes on guests’ keycards. Launched through a partnership with music download site RCRD LBL, the initiative serves up 20-song playlists compiled to suit the unique feel of each property.

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Ultra – local food

Brixton Cornercopia is both a purveyor of delicious local food and a hub for sharing recipes and food stories.

The corner shop deli-cum-eatery celebrates the uniqueness of Brixton market and its people – the abundance of raw ingredients, the diversity of homemade food products and the personal stories and recipes of the local community. Brixton Cornercopia aims to revive the market tradition by providing fresh foods to the local population, which is something that’s disappeared from many markets.

Via. http://brixtoncornercopia.ning.com/profiles/blogs/brixton-cornercopia-the-idea


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Buy local, get points

Much the way IndieBound aims to encourage consumers to buy from independently owned bookstores rather than national chains, so Oregon-based Supportland is using incentives to get people buying local.

Now in beta, Supportland has developed a rewards card that can be used within a network of 50 locally-owned Portland businesses. Each time a consumer makes a purchase within the network, they’re rewarded with points that can be used towards the purchase of goods and services at participating businesses.

Following its official Portland launch in January, Supportland hopes to expand across the US, with points transferable among regions. The entire infrastructure has been packaged so it can be completely re-branded wherever it’s implemented. Meanwhile, an iPhone app is in the works.

Via. http://www.springwise.com/marketing_advertising/supportland/

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Coming face-to-face with food again

Much of the food we eat bears no resemblance to its natural form. Frozen in multi-packs, wrapped in cellophane or sporting a long-list of polysyllabic ingredients, it’s not difficult to understand why we feel detached from what shows up on our plate. Add in all the health and environmental issues associated with our food, and it’s no surprise that a movement to bridge this gulf between farm and table is underway.
Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed the steady rise of farmers’ markets, urban gardens and home canning. And now we can add DIY butchering to the list.

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A break from the norm

How has Kit Kat become Japan’s number one confectionery brand? With some highly creative local marketing. Nestle has launched 19 unique varieties of Kit Kat, available only in Japan, which reflect the local produce and palate of each region. Flavours include miso, soy sauce and green tea, as well as more regional flavours such as yuzu fruit and red potatoes. By selling each flavour only in the region for which it was created, the limited edition packaging has also become sought-after souvenirs for travellers. (Cheers, Em.)

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Going loco for local

The main piazza in Sorrento is named after Torquato Tasso, the greatest Italian poet of the late Renaissance. Tasso is best known for his 1575 masterpiece, Jerusalem Delivered. Sadly, in the same decade, Tasso developed a persecution mania and died just days before he was due to be crowned by the Pope as the ‘king of poets’.
As well as being honoured right in the heart of Sorrento, his name also appears on a very local soft drink – Tassoni. This confident, distinctive bottle has no branding, no label, no nothing. You don’t get much more local and authentic than that. Are there any opportunities to go this local where you live or work?

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How can you tap into a ‘going global’ backlash?


Think like the Melbourne-based founders of Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co.

Tired of seeing imported water from the other side of the world on their local restaurant tables, they decided to act.

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