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Soak up your sins

Many drunken nights end in kebab ecstasy. But what about the morning after? Do you Detox with a fruit juice and a salad? Or do you ‘Retox’ by chowing down on more unhealthy nosh? A café has cropped up in East London where you can do both. (But not at the same time, obviously.)

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(The advert is) Blowing in the wind

Back in 1978 Bill Weston agreed to be glued to a billboard as part of an ad campaign to demonstrate the strength of Solvite. Whether or not they mentioned to him that they’d be carrying that billboard from a helicopter remains unknown.

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Cheeky, Cowshed

Finger(tip)s at the ready: Soho House Group has just launched its latest exclusive members club, except this time it’s exclusive to anyone who wants to join. Cheeky – the ‘naughty little sister’ of Cowshed, SHG’s health & beauty brand – has opened its doors for anyone who fancies a martini with their makeover or some bubbly with their blow dry.

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Changing rooms 3.0

Back in the ‘70s Mr Benn would leave his house at 52, Festive Road, walk to the fancy dress shop and step through a mysterious door into magical worlds. Now, forty-odd years later it seems Selfridges have made this idea a (virtual) reality.

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Café au Play

Ziferblat café is no ordinary café. It has coffee and tea and biscuits and fruit, but you don’t have to pay for them. Instead you pay for the minutes and hours you spend there. (Tx Charlie & Tim.)

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Pin early for Christmas

He used to make a list. He used to check it twice. He used to find out who’s naughty and nice. Not so these days, as Santa (2.0) can now hop onto Topshop’s new Pinterest site and find out what everyone’s after for Christmas.

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Louis and the Great Double-Helixed Elevator

There are many beautiful features to the new Louis Vuitton ‘Townhouse’ that opened in London’s Selfridges store earlier this month. (Tx to our shopping diva David G.) Amongst the traditional turtle-print leather and digital ateliers, you can find a series of specially commissioned artworks by Hayakawa Katsumi, Bumpo Teppe and Barnaby Barford’s glass and porcelain interpretation of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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Moment to moment

Levi’s sub-brand Made & Crafted has just released their first edition of Moment to Moment, a magazine created in partnership with super-cool quarterly publication THE THING.

The project is rolling out in ‘real-time’ across the summer and autumn, and will feature the work of 20 artistic contributors in the form of online videos, paintings, essays, animated gifs and photography.

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Vinyl lending

You won’t find strict librarians in this library. Or signs telling you to shhh. Or any books, for that matter. But you might just find a rare copy of that album you’ve been hunting for since 1982. This is the newly opened Vinyl Library, tucked away in an empty shop on a residential street in Stoke Newington.

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Quaffing Gravy

Behold, another new beer is born. Created by two friends, UK craft beer brand Quaffing Gravy is described an ‘easy-drinking pale ale’ with a ‘more hoppy flavour’.

Its logo was hand-drawn by a tattoo artist, and the labels have been screen-printed directly onto the bottles. The result? A beer founders Ben and Narra hope will look just as good on the dinner table as it will behind the bar.

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