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Moment to moment

Levi’s sub-brand Made & Crafted has just released their first edition of Moment to Moment, a magazine created in partnership with super-cool quarterly publication THE THING.

The project is rolling out in ‘real-time’ across the summer and autumn, and will feature the work of 20 artistic contributors in the form of online videos, paintings, essays, animated gifs and photography.

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Vinyl lending

You won’t find strict librarians in this library. Or signs telling you to shhh. Or any books, for that matter. But you might just find a rare copy of that album you’ve been hunting for since 1982. This is the newly opened Vinyl Library, tucked away in an empty shop on a residential street in Stoke Newington.

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Quaffing Gravy

Behold, another new beer is born. Created by two friends, UK craft beer brand Quaffing Gravy is described an ‘easy-drinking pale ale’ with a ‘more hoppy flavour’.

Its logo was hand-drawn by a tattoo artist, and the labels have been screen-printed directly onto the bottles. The result? A beer founders Ben and Narra hope will look just as good on the dinner table as it will behind the bar.

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DIY Muesli

Oats or flakes? Raisins or goji berries? Banana chips or chocolate chunks? Yoosli is a new online cereal mixing service that lets you create your very own muesli masterpiece, with everything just the way you want it.

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Travel brilliantly

“Nice hotel, but the mini shampoo wasn’t up to much.” If you’ve ever stayed somewhere and moaned about what could be better, Marriott International’s new campaign is for you.

Travel Brilliantly invites people to put forward suggestions for the hotels of the future – and your ideas can be as weird and wonderful as your imagination (current suggestions include a personalised mini-bar and a luggage finder app).

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Doggy vending machine

What will your dog do for food? Roll over? Shake hands? Bark a tune?

To show the lengths dogs will go to for a bite to eat, pet care brand Bakers set up the world’s first vending machine for dogs in a London park. (What a good boy, Jamie C!)

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Beanz means bowls

One of Britain’s most iconic foods has received a drastic makeover at the hands of gastronomic design duo Bompas & Parr. They’ve concocted five new flavours of Heinz baked bean, each matched with a handmade bowl and a musical spoon (that you listen to through your mouth) for the ultimate bean-there experience.

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Stories on a plate

East London eatery Dishoom has created a campaign that enables people to share their café stories. (Nice one Jamie). It’s inspired by Mumbai’s Iranian cafés, where everyone from businessmen to students to old timers meet up to share food and conversation. So, Dishoom has made 80 plates featuring personal memories and tales from these melting pots of café culture.

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Snap Fashion

British computer science graduate Jenny Griffiths is aiming to transform how we shop for clothes online. Snap Fashion, her new iPhone app, lets users take a picture of an item of clothing, whether in a magazine or on the street, and see similar items from high street retailers. Read more on Snap Fashion…

Shhh…no logo

In an attempt to propagate peace and quiet, Selfridges have created the No Noise retail initiative – a range of de-branded products, carefully edited to cancel out the effects of information overload.

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