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Posh UX

Burberry’s latest f-commerce initiative is a pop-up fan-store selling their latest body fragrance. It demos what a great UX (user experience) can be. (Many thanks to Zoe S for this spot.)

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Made for China

Hermès made an interesting foray into Chinese luxury brands by opening its first Shang Xia store in Shanghai. While part of the Hermès family of brands, Shang Xia (meaning ‘topsy-turvy’ in Mandarin) is the only one built specifically for the Chinese market. Shang Xia will include ready-to-wear and decorative arts inspired by Chinese culture, manufactured with Chinese raw materials and artisanal know-how. The product range includes homeware, furniture, accessories, and limited edition ‘cultural objects’.

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The art of luxury

Four years in the making, Louis Vuitton’s London Maison is the most expensive luxury goods shop ever to open in the city. It highlights Vuitton’s relationship with contemporary art, housing work by the likes of Gilbert & George, Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons. For the opening, British artist Michael Landy created a moving sculpture, aptly titled the Credit Card Destroying Machine. 

Next to the bookshop is a small exhibition space, which currently houses a Katie Grand-curated arrangement of mannequins wearing a mish-mash of Marc Jacobs for Vuitton outfits, complete with bags on their heads.

Peter Marino, the architect behind the shop, said: ‘If people are nice enough to come in, you owe them a good time. Why go shopping if it’s not fun, glamorous, different?’

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Designer olive oil

Pioneering Greek luxury food and beverage company, Speiron Co., has created the first personalized olive oil. It’s part of their ongoing quest to reinvent the perception of olive oil as a cheap cooking commodity.

Three years after their launch of A/lambda/ ultra premium olive oil (the first luxury olive oil in the world), Speiron Co. announces a bespoke, one-of-a-kind A/lambda/ bottle that can be sent anywhere in the world. It can be yours for $15,320.

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Redefining luxury

Look very closely. These are not innocent crayons, they’re actually luxury health bars. Made from a complex combination of flavours, the main ingredients include chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, fruity pebbles and melted marshmallow. These gorgeous little treats are a perfect example of the ‘new luxury’, as described by Luxirare, a weekly webzine dedicated to clothing, cuisine and creative collaborations between creator and reader.

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Let them wear scent

Now you can smell the fragrance created especially for the kings. The Creed of Paris group, founded in 1760, has decided to make its exclusive perfumes, originally made for King Edward VIII in 1936, available to us less blue-blooded types. The limited Windsor edition includes only 320 bottles, on sale in the US for $400.

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Room with a hell-of-a view

The Hotel Everland is a portable, green, rectangular room.

Conceived by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, it’s been stationed in beautiful landscapes and cities in Switzerland, Germany, and France.

In the picture below, it sits like a jewel on the roof of the contemporary art space, Palais De Tokyo in Paris.

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Car showroom chic

Nissan has opened a luxury brand outlet for its Infiniti car range. Building on its high-end, prestigious magazine, Adeyaka, the dealership centre offers a level of service the company claims will be unique, dished out from premises designed to feel like a luxury ’boutique hotel’.
(Cheers, petrol-head Jonny.)

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