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The shape of calls to come

The shape of calls to come

If the fetishism surrounding certain popular smartphones leaves you a little iFatigued, then here’s an opportunity to take matters into your own hands. Google is collaborating with design and technology firm Lapka to create their own modular smartphone, Project Ara.

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Empowericons 1

SMILE! WINK! KISS! Let us introduce you to the world’s first Afro Emoticons, courtesy of Oju Africa. In fact, the actual word ‘Oju’ means ‘faces’ in the Yoruba language from Nigeria.

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Hair today

Run out of things to chat about with your hairdresser? Thanks to Google and L’Oréal, a new topic of conversation has just opened up. Namely, ‘what on earth are you wearing?’

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Stand in line online

Considering the amount of time we generally spend complaining about being stuck in queues, it’s amazing to see how happy people are to camp out for days when the latest bit of tech/ shoe/ game comes along. (Plus it’s difficult to tell if they’re just being paid to stand there.)

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Beer blockers

It’s become the modern-day still life: a pint of beer resting next to a mobile phone on a sticky pub table.

But to try and stop people constantly checking their phones while they’re with friends, Brazilian beer makers, Polar, have created a signal-blocking beer holder.

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Build your own phone

What do you dislike most about your phone? The battery life? The fuzzy speaker? The camera that stopped working when you dropped it on the floor?

Most people upgrade their phones because one or two things aren’t working properly – even if everything else is fine. This means hundreds of thousands of phones are thrown away needlessly every year.

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Remember that arty photo of your brunch that got 18 likes? Or the one of you and your friends outside your favourite bar that everyone made their profile pic? Now there’s a way to get real recognition for your best snaps: by allowing them to be used in advertising.

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Pay per gaze

Made you look, made you pay. Google has just been granted a patent for a Google Glass-based ad system, which displays ads then tracks your eye movement to see if you look at them.

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Safe and sexy phone case

When it comes to phone cases, everyone has a choice. Go big, chunky and – generally – ugly, but know your phone will stay safe. Or choose a blinging number that looks good, but which will disintegrate long before your phone does.

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Blokked calls

No more scrambling to switch off your phone before meetings. No more interrupted meals. And no more panicking about the Marimba blasting out during your child’s school play.

Blokket is a slim pouch made of a silver and nylon material that blocks cellular signals while your phone is inside. Designed to help people – literally – switch off from technology, it also protects against identity theft, as chipped ID cards and passports inside the pouch can’t be accessed by unauthorised RFID readers.

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