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Coffee shop, contained

Starbucks continues to embrace the trend for individual retail spaces that reflect their environment, rather than homogenously branded venues that are the same in any city. Ever since their chief creative officer, Arthur Rubinfeld, was tasked to reimagine Starbucks stores, new and interesting outlets have been popping up all over the world.

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Small talk

Forget the Fisher Price smiley-faced phone. Now children can make real calls from a real mobile all of their own. (Cheers, Andy P.)

Dubbed the BratBerry by sceptics, 1stfone is the brainchild of Ownphone and is aimed at children between four and nine.

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Printed wi-fi

To promote its new Office 365 software, Microsoft placed an ad with free wifi in a special edition of Forbes magazine. (Nice spot, Alex.)

The ad was made up of four pages, with a super-skinny router and battery packed in between. After activating the wifi, readers could get online for free (thanks to T-Mobile) for 15 days, wherever they took the magazine.

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Giant touchscreen store

eBay is literally taking window-shopping to a whole new level. This summer they’re revealing a giant touchscreen pop-up store in partnership with NY retailer Kate Spade Saturday.

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App up your life

Unlike North Korea, where less than 0.1% of the population have access to the internet, China’s generation of mobile web surfers is booming. Tapping into this demographic’s constant need for ‘click and play’ stimulation, retail brand AER have created a concept store that delivers an exciting new experience every time.

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Phone a friend

OwnFone is a light, low-cost mobile phone. You design your handset online, choose the colour scheme and pre-set it with a number of phone numbers. When you want to call someone, you simply need to press their name – making this the ideal handset for young people.

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It’s not you, it’s…an emergency

The love pros at eHarmony have invented an app that calls with a fake ‘emergency’ when you need to escape a lame date.



You can set Bad Date Rescue to call in 5 minutes, 1 minute or just 3 seconds if things are really dire. You get to choose from a list of eminently plausible situations – your mum’s calling to say your sis is in labour, or your neighbour with the bad news your flat is flooded.

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Don’t tweet – chirp

A new app that transmits data via a burst of ‘digital birdsong’ is simplifying the way users share files between smartphones. ‘Chirp’ plays a two-second long noise that sounds like a robotic bird. When this sound is picked up by other devices, it triggers a download.

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Swedes and smartphones

IKEA recently launched the 62nd version of their annual catalogue – an interactive edition, which allows consumers to access additional content through their smartphones and tablets.

The system is really accessible – you simply download the IKEA app, select the scanning feature then scan the smartphone symbol. You’re then linked to a film, photo gallery or other extra content, allowing you to make an informed decision about your furniture before you head to the store for your meatballs.

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Google has rolled out a new service in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya that lets Gmail users send and receive emails using the built-in SMS feature on their mobile phones. (Thanks again to Alex – the pokemeister this week!)

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