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Don’t tweet – chirp

A new app that transmits data via a burst of ‘digital birdsong’ is simplifying the way users share files between smartphones. ‘Chirp’ plays a two-second long noise that sounds like a robotic bird. When this sound is picked up by other devices, it triggers a download.

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Swedes and smartphones

IKEA recently launched the 62nd version of their annual catalogue – an interactive edition, which allows consumers to access additional content through their smartphones and tablets.

The system is really accessible – you simply download the IKEA app, select the scanning feature then scan the smartphone symbol. You’re then linked to a film, photo gallery or other extra content, allowing you to make an informed decision about your furniture before you head to the store for your meatballs.

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Google has rolled out a new service in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya that lets Gmail users send and receive emails using the built-in SMS feature on their mobile phones. (Thanks again to Alex – the pokemeister this week!)

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Designer QR

QR codes may lead to exciting destinations, but they look pretty dull. With millions of these little black and white squares appearing on adverts, magazines and packaging, designer codes stand out from the crowd and get customers scanning. Think about it: codes are a gateway into the brand and should be treated that way.

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Smartphone sculpture

French 3D printing firm Sculpteo has created an app that converts smartphone photos into 3D images, which can be transformed into ceramic objects like bowls, plates and figurines.

The app’s interface lets users change the size, dimensions and colour of their personalised object, as well as select a material. Then Sculpteo gives a quote, which can be ordered. The company says: ‘this is the first app ever to transform human data into a 3D-printed object via a smartphone. It enables people to have a personalised object that they have created themselves.’

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Winter wake up

It’s about this time of year that those living in the Northern Hemisphere’s wintry regions can begin to feel the toll of the winter weather on their daily lives. One effect of the difficult conditions is that daily commutes to work are often impeded by snow and ice, and that’s where Winter Wake-Up comes in. The new mobile app functions as a standard alarm clock, but it wakes users earlier than usual if there has been unexpected snow or icy conditions during the night. (Tx to Zoe for his one)

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Cup art

To support their green initiatives, Sprint has turned its retail space in New York’s Flatiron district into an art gallery.

The current exhibit of hanging cups is part installation, part performance art. Gwyneth Leech draws on the used cups five days a week, from 11am to 2pm. She hangs and rearranges the cups from the ceiling as she creates new ones. People are invited to donate or draw on their own cups to become part of the exhibit.

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Smart cart

SK Telecom’s Smart Cart is the world’s first service using smartphones to deliver information in real-time based on a user’s position in the store.

Shoppers download the Smart Cart application to their smartphones, where they can search for product information and draw up shopping lists. Once at a participating retail store, the customer’s smartphone automatically synchronises with a tablet PC installed in the shopping cart. As the shopper moves around the store, relevant product information and coupons appear on the tablet.

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Boundless library

Most patrons of the New York Public Library are unaware of its vast collections. The library hopes to shed light on its hidden treasures with Biblion, a new iPad magazine.

The first issue — now available for free on iTunes — focuses on the New York World’s Fair of 1939-40, including original essays from prominent writers of the time, an exploration of the Fair’s buildings and exhibits, and a full-colour view of General Motors’ famous Futurama ride.

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Noteworthy accessory

iida, KDDI’s mobile phone brand, has collaborated with Moleskine to produce special edition notebooks in promotion of its new G11 phone. Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki, the notebooks have the Moleskine trademark black leather covers and strap with distinctive letters and keyboard symbols emblazoned on the front.

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