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Vinyl lending

You won’t find strict librarians in this library. Or signs telling you to shhh. Or any books, for that matter. But you might just find a rare copy of that album you’ve been hunting for since 1982. This is the newly opened Vinyl Library, tucked away in an empty shop on a residential street in Stoke Newington.

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The sound of beer

Everyone loves the sound of wine glugging from the bottle. But now, beer has a soundtrack all of its own. As part of Beck’s Record Label Project, the Kiwi firm Gyro Constructivists set out to create the first ‘playable’ beer bottle. (Nice one Bobby!)

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Infected album release

Norwegian rock band Kaizers Orchestra recently spread a virus that people actually wanted to catch. (Cheers, Tim) The virus, which swept across 50 countries, was disseminated via a smartphone app to promote their album Violeta Violeta Vol. III.











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Pimp your porta-potty

We’ve all experienced the misery of camping or festival toilets. The smell, the mud, the lack of toilet paper…horrible. Luckily for the people of Argentina, the organisers of ‘Personal Fest’ music festival have taken a stand – transforming this neglected area into a significantly more enjoyable experience.

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Rebranding recycling

Will.i.am and Coca-Cola have joined forces to launch Ekocycle – a movement encouraging existing brands to make more environmentally-friendly versions of their products, thus making recycled products more fashionable.



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Mellow like Marley

As well as being famous for his music, Bob Marley’s well known for his laid-back attitude. Now, drinks company Marley Beverage have bottled that attitude – creating a range of relaxing herbal drinks, with the aim of re-energising this type of functional beverage. They’ve achieved significant success so far, selling two million cases of ready-to-drink Marley’s Mellow Mood sodas and teas last year.

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Legacy of loud

For most of us, Marshall Amps mean proper, loud music. Over the last 50 years, they’ve travelled on the Highway to Hell with AC/DC and shared the stage with various rock icons. And now, they’re coming to our living rooms.

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Focus@will is a new free music technology service (currently in development) designed to help you focus and retain information when working, studying, writing and reading. The service provides ‘adaptive audio technology’ – music that soothes your limbic system, helping you to concentrate for longer periods of time. Choose from Classical, Ambient, Mystical Spa and Alpha Chill mixes, and prepare to do the best, most focused work of your life!

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Plugg Radio

Created by Norwegian design duo Skrekkøgle, Plugg is a DAB radio that’s controlled by a cork. Out for sound, in for silence. Produced using hacking electronics, 3D printing and laser cutting, the simple device explores the loss of tangibility in our electronic equipment by focussing on the physical interaction required to use it.

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Music in the Sky

Taking the digital ‘cloud’ analogy quite literally, Air France have recently released a new app that allows users to unlock musical tracks hidden in the sky. The app, Music in the Sky, uses geo-location technology to reveal invisible songs for download when users point their phone in the air. Check out the video above for more info: http://youtu.be/i4DmlcXvTHo

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