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Music in the Sky

Taking the digital ‘cloud’ analogy quite literally, Air France have recently released a new app that allows users to unlock musical tracks hidden in the sky. The app, Music in the Sky, uses geo-location technology to reveal invisible songs for download when users point their phone in the air. Check out the video above for more info: http://youtu.be/i4DmlcXvTHo

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For the record

Canadian DJ Kid Koala’s new album comes with a kit that enables listeners to assemble a functional, miniature turntable and play a special flexi-disc on it. (Keep ‘em coming Tim!)

For £14 ($22, €17) fans receive a cardboard gramophone kit along with a two-LP set and a digital mp3 download. The contents of the flexi-disc – a spoken message from the artist’s mother-in-law – may not be especially exciting, but enthusiasm over the kit has amplified the media buzz surrounding the album.

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You, the legend

Increasingly, people are using social media platforms to project an enhanced, edited version of themselves. This trend has prompted a new wave of branded apps – allowing social media users to create life story animations and photo slideshows using Facebook data, then share them with their friends.

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Drink up, listen up

Is it beer marketing music or music marketing beer? Professor Green is releasing not only his latest single but also a beer called Remedy, crafted in conjunction with Signature Brew (cheers Elliot).

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Tracks on the tracks

Music is an excellent travelling companion, and a new selection of music from the Gatwick Express train service aims to give riders a musical description of their journey.

The Gatwick Express train travels nonstop between London’s Victoria Station and Gatwick Airport in about 30 minutes. Now, offered exclusively to online ticket buyers, the free tracks include three custom-recorded musical interpretations of the journey from recording artists Philip Sheppard, Benga, and The Milk.

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Recently, broadcasters and brands have made buying platforms more compelling and publications more profitable by merging content and commerce. Now this convergence has gone a step further, as smart brands create interactive commercials, integrated within the content in which they appear. This new wave of embedded technology enables people to point at a static or moving image in order to buy or see more, without opening another page

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You give, you get

Orange RockCorps organised an interactive concert with a twist for The Ting Tings in Paris. The more the public shared the event through social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram) the more spectacular the concert became. (Cheers Charlotte, Singapore).

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Listening post

French record label Kitsuné has launched a series of Sound Graffiti listening stations across New York, promoting their new compilation. Users follow a social media-integrated map to find the stations, then plug in their headphones to enjoy the music.

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Medical melodies

Montreal-based interactive media specialists Moment Factory have developed an interactive musical wall that helps patients and visitors to pass the time in hospital waiting rooms.

The musical wall designed has been designed to stimulate children’s imaginations as they wait for their hospital appointment. The experience, which is located at the CHU Ste-Justine Hospital, is comprised of a projector and motion sensors.

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Fellody is a new social networking service that connects people with similar taste in music. It compares the music on people’s computers and ranks the highest matches in your area. The system is clever enough to ignore the songs you never play and if you want to keep your guilty listening pleasures a secret, you can choose the songs within your music library that will be matched.

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