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Forever festival

Mourning the end of the festival season? Instead of pitching a tent in your living room, you can now bask in a festival atmosphere all year round at Camp and Furnace in Liverpool.

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Pre-internet shoe

Diesel is trying a bit of reverse psychology by asking fans to refrain from posting on social media sites and sharing on Instagram. The prize? A shoe from 1993 which the brand proudly promotes as low-tech. To win it, fans have to go cold turkey on Facebook posts for three days or quit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for two days. Twenty fans will win the shoe.

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The Instagram app makes it easy to create nostalgic, polaroid-like images. Now, a new prototype device called Instaprint lets you print out these photos when you’re on the move. The lunch box-sized inkless printer can be placed anywhere and set up with a location, so tagged images pop out of the printer.

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Fashion factory

For her London Fashion Week show, luxury accessories designer Anya Hindmarch brought her collection to life in a whimsical, Willy Wonka-esque theatrical installation.

The fantastical catwalk for accessories was created with the help of Dior couture set designer, Michael Howells. Entitled ‘All I’ve Ever Wanted’, the set featured a conveyer belt with clutches opening and shutting like oysters, musical wind-up handbags and explosions of sweets and confetti.

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Double decker dress shop

Lodekka is a vintage clothing boutique housed in a converted 1965 double-decker Bristol Lodekka bus. Parked in Portland, OR, the retailer-on-wheels is a nod to the food-truck movement happening in major cities across the US.

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Ancient recipes, modern tipples

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction has launched Snap, a spirit inspired by a 400-year-old Pennsylvanian-Dutch recipe for lebkuchen, a traditional ginger biscuit.

Previously, the brand launched Root, an alcoholic beverage based on a mixture of wild roots and herbs that Native Americans shared with settlers in the 1700s. Snap and Root demonstrate how traditional recipes can inspire new product development.


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Look backwards

In Enschede, the Netherlands – Artists and photographers are looking backwards – instant Polaroid camera film may soon become mainstream again.
The Impossible Project, with the help of Ilford Photo and Harman Technology, has acquired the original Polaroid production plant and re-released the famous instant film in a format compatible with modern cameras.
The project has provided a platform for The Impossible Collection, a growing archive of instant photography artworks by international photographers and artists. To help resuscitate the medium, they were given test packs of Impossible film to instantly capture the moment.

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Mashing up nostalgia and technology?

Photographer Lyle Owerko’s own nostalgia for the portable stereos stems from memories of heavy metal, punk and ska and provided the latest inspiration for his GelaSkins Boombox series – a graphic tribute to the giant stereos that ruled the ’80s.

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