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The postman always brings rice

It started with books. Then came films. And games. And toys and toiletries and clothes and pretty-much-everything-you-can-think-of-except-groceries. Until now. In Seattle and LA, at least. Yes, online giants Amazon have taken a second bite at the cherry by launching their grocery service in Los Angeles. (Hats tipped towards Em.)

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Maker’s Row

It’s one thing to have a good product idea, but half the entrepreneur’s battle is bringing it to life. That’s where Maker’s Row aims to help – by simplifying the manufacturing process. The company provides access to industry-specific factories across the United States, alongside in-depth profiles and video tours to help entrepreneurs pick the best factory for their business.

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Best night ever

Online retailer ASOS has launched its Best Night Ever Christmas campaign, featuring shoppable videos where you can click to buy clothing and instantly pin items to your Pinterest profile. Find out more here: http://youtu.be/JhetSyL_GO0

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Piperlime, the e-retail site known for its smart blend of brands, price points and inspiring style guidance, is making a move to bricks and mortar.

The New York store will engage savvy shoppers by bringing aspects of its website into the real world through novel merchandising interpretations – for example a ‘trend wall’ will present the freshest looks and act as a ‘homepage’ for the store. Perhaps for the first time, an online brand has translated their audience’s online habits and expectations into something meaningful and useful in-store – an interesting development for retail.

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YouTube goes boutique

The British apparel brand FCUK has partnered with YouTube to help users further engage with clothing seen on branded videos.

The series of clips feature a stylist offering suggestions for different occasions.

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Relive history, day by day

Blogs are usually so now, now, now that it’s interesting to see the form being used to relive historical events. It’s the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, which ran from July 10 to October 31 1940.

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Putting the social back into banking

first direct has become the first UK bank to embrace social media with the launch of its new social media newsroom http://newsroom.firstdirect.com.
The move comes following the successful launch of the company’s presence on twitter.com.
The social media newsroom borrows considerable amounts of its functions from the world of blogging, using social media sites such as Flickr and YouTube to “serve” content to the site and allowing users to share text, images and video across blogs and social networks.
Increasingly, people are turning to online methods of media consumption and as a brand first direct have to go where the audience is. With the social media newsroom they wanted to create one central hub for their communications online and to make those communications as portable and shareable online as possible.

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What’s that buzzing sound?

Google’s latest social media experiment recently came to life in the form of Google Buzz: a social media-sharing service built into your Gmail window. Buzz will let you share photos, links, videos and status updates through your Gmail inbox or your mobile device’s web browser.

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Blooming lovely


Now that everyone’s switching on to sustainability, buying flowers from far-flung places seems like an indulgence. So if you’re looking to send a little something to a friend, why not check out Flowers by Clowance? Many of their flowers are grown at their very own nursery in Praze, right in the heart of the horticultural area of Cornwall. You can choose gorgeous bunches of anemones, alstroemeria, carnations and so on and they’ll pack them up prettily and pop them in the post. The business was established 63 years ago and is now run by James, the grandson of the original owner. (Tx Laura, who was the lucky recipient of a bunch of alstroemeria)

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Goodbye, middle man?

Nobody buys laundry detergent, toilet paper and toothpaste online, do they? They might soon be about to. Especially as ‘Alice’, a new, US-based e-commerce site is offering free shipping, streamlined reordering and a platform for consumers and manufacturers to connect.

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