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Hubble, bubble, boil and trouble

Hubble bubble 1

Organic produce. Health food. Juice bars. What images come to mind? Rustic wholesomeness, raw wood and chirpy chalkboards, most probably. Time for a change? Just what Chicago’s rather rebellious Owen+Alchemy thought too.

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Single-udder butter

Familiar with single estate tea and single estate olive oil? Well now you can buy single-udder butter! (Thanks to Laura for spreading the word)

At Stone Barns, chef and owner Dan Barber serves ‘single-udder butter’: butter made from the pasteurised milk of a specific cow. Chloe, for example, is an alpha-type cow who chases after the best grass. Her butter is typically a darker yellow than Sunshine’s – an erratic, moody cow.

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Stylishly green

Globus is a Swiss department store company, with 13 department stores in Switzerland.
The stores are noted for their extensive delicatessen section, called Globus Delicatessa, whose eye-grabbing, cohesive pack designs now include a new Organic wine label. Cool, tasty and eco-friendly.

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Anima is a new company that manufactures organic care products for animals. All their products are chemical-free and made from natural hydrosoils and flower essences. Pet owners in Israel are lapping them up and there are plans to go Europe-wide soon.

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