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Got posh milk?

Got posh milk

What’s on your breakfast table? A cereal box featuring cartoon animals? A sticky, squeezy bottle of congealed honey? A crumb-coated block of melting butter?

Raising the (breakfast) bar, at least in his imagination, is student Michael Garrett’s concept for Schepps Dairy Superior Milk.

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Fizz of the future

It’s practical. It’s elegant. And it’s 100% biodegradable. French designer Cedric Ragot has created groundbreaking packaging for Veuve Clicquot that ticks all the boxes.

Made of a bio-based material derived from potato starch, this innovative design is not only strong and light, it also keeps your bottle of champagne chilled for up to two hours. And, unlike most clunky booze boxes, this one has a nifty handle to make it easy to carry. Surely that’s worth celebrating?

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Greasy brown paper bags. Plastic trays with flimsy paper liners. Cardboard cups with striped straws. McDonald’s has never had the most glamorous packaging – until now.

In Japan, the fast-food chain has just introduced Quarter Pounder Jewelry Burgers, featuring unexpectedly posh additions like truffle sauce, chorizo and pineapple. And to match the luxury inside, they’ve given the packaging a classy, minimal look.

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It’s a wrap

Swedish convenience store chain Pressbyrån has introduced new packaging for their sandwiches and wraps featuring a pared-down aesthetic and a 70s-influenced colour scheme.

Keeping things nice and simple, all sandwiches now come in paper holders, while wraps are enclosed in wholesome brown paper.

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Deep-sea packaging

It’s always a nerve-wracking moment getting your new watch wet. Does waterproof really, really mean waterproof?

To prove to discerning customers that their diving watches do what they say on the pack, Festina is selling their timepieces in clear bags filled with distilled water. (Cool spot, Jamie C.)

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Smart beer bottle

Drinking beer has always been a social experience. Heineken has ramped up this age-old interaction by introducing a ‘smart’ beer bottle, just launched at Milan Design Week.





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Inspired by Grandmother’s cupboard

They’re living la vida nostalgia in Portugal at the moment. A new trend for vintage revival products and packaging is alive and well amongst shopkeepers like A Vida Portuguesa. (Tx Amy K)

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Have you beer and eat it

Sankt Gallen, a brewery located in the Kanagawa region of Japan, has unveiled a unique way to enjoy their famous malt beverage: with an edible glass. The brewery has recently gained notoriety for their chocolate beers, notably their imperial Chocolate Stout: an ultra-dark beer that lists “chocolate malt’ amongst its ingredients. Indulgent, yes, but definitely delicious!

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The clever people at Ojo have used an eye-chart-based design for their dietary supplement brand. The products were developed as an alternative to AREDS vitamin pills, which are large and can cause upset stomachs. Ojo means ‘eye’ in Spanish, and unsurprisingly this brand was developed by an opmathologist!

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Burger, fries and wrapping

Packaging is a necessary part of food distribution – yet remains a problem when it ends up contributing to landfills and litter. Now, Bob’s fast food chain in Brazil has come up with another solution – creating edible packaging. (Cheers, Tim)

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