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Have you beer and eat it

Sankt Gallen, a brewery located in the Kanagawa region of Japan, has unveiled a unique way to enjoy their famous malt beverage: with an edible glass. The brewery has recently gained notoriety for their chocolate beers, notably their imperial Chocolate Stout: an ultra-dark beer that lists “chocolate malt’ amongst its ingredients. Indulgent, yes, but definitely delicious!

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The clever people at Ojo have used an eye-chart-based design for their dietary supplement brand. The products were developed as an alternative to AREDS vitamin pills, which are large and can cause upset stomachs. Ojo means ‘eye’ in Spanish, and unsurprisingly this brand was developed by an opmathologist!

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Burger, fries and wrapping

Packaging is a necessary part of food distribution – yet remains a problem when it ends up contributing to landfills and litter. Now, Bob’s fast food chain in Brazil has come up with another solution – creating edible packaging. (Cheers, Tim)

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Give a Slingshot a shot

Regardless of where you stand on the cold brew / iced pour over debate, you’ve got to appreciate some of the cooler packaging and design possibilities that attend the new bottled cold brew phenomenon. (Cheers, Elliot.)

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Bread & Boxers

Nifty idea from the Bread & Boxers guys. In a cool hotel room in Stockholm: designer jocks, socks and stockings for travellers in need of a fresh change! (Thanks to Harl for sharing the intimacies of your holiday bedroom!)

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A fishy tale

Veuve Clicquot has released a limited edition of its famous Brut Yellow Label in a bright-coloured sardine tin. The sardine reference has a long history of association with the champagne label.

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A quick break

Japanese city dwellers are inundated with ‘zero’ products of all varieties, as they strive to lose a few pounds and get in better shape in the midst of a ‘metabo’ slump (Japan’s metabolic law to fend off increasing health costs). Since beverages and snacks are part of office life, much has been done in these areas.

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Swedish delicacies

IKEA is launching its own line of fresh, simple packaging to help customers navigate their strange Swedish delicacies.

It’s hard to imagine something called ‘Skarpsill’ (marinated sprat fillets) flying off the shelves anywhere outside Sweden, but slap a cutesy fish on the can (with the nose cleverly doubling as the stay-tab) and you know exactly what you’re looking at – whether you’re in Saudi Arabia or the Dominican Republic. Nice idea, Ikea. Now it’s time to simplify your assembly manuals!

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Bags of potential

Owen, a luxury NYC clothing boutique, has turned the humble lunch bag into an improbably chic method of decoration.

Architect Jeremy Barbour recently realised the decorative potential of the humble brown paper bag – covering Owen’s clothing boutique in 25,000 of them. Packed side-by-side and stapled to substrate, the bags make the shop look like the inside of a honey bee’s home.

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Street smart packaging

Guactruck is a mobile eatery from the Philippines with beautifully sustainable packaging. (Many tx to Charlotte in Singapore)

Free from glue and plastic, the origami-inspired packaging opens like a blossoming bud. Customers are encouraged to return their packaging with stamps towards a free meal. Guactruck is a fine example of a brand reducing its environmental impact without compromising on design.

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