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Get your fix

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“Don’t play with your food.” A message that’s been drummed into many of us since we learned to hold a knife and fork. But whether it’s turning mash potato into a volcano erupting with gravy or arranging a cooked breakfast into a novelty face, the temptation is too much for some. Food should be fun, no?

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Get slashed, get sloshed

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It’s a brave brand that puts forward pack designs without words or visuals. But then, if your brand’s all about fierceness, you’ve got to prove you’ve got balls.

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An inch of your five-a-day

A splash of orange juice, a dash of water, a squeeze of lime, a drop of desperation. Any copywriter who’s ever tried to list ingredients will know there are only so many words to describe quantity. (No one wants a ‘splurge’ of anything, before you refer to the thesaurus.)

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Food fit for the fashion Gods

The world has witnessed some fairly questionable brand extensions in recent years: Harley Davidson’s aftershave, Bic’s line of underwear, Cheetos’ lip balm, and handgun manufacturer Smith & Wesson’s mountain bike (not bullet-proof) being some of the worst culprits.

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Your latest squeeze

Toothpaste has been around for longer than you’d expect. The ancient Greeks and Romans used crushed oyster shells to give them a winning smile. Other historical treatments included the ashes from burnt mice heads.

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Coke. Diet Coke. Cherry Coke. Diet Cherry Coke. Coke Zero. Cherry Coke Zero. Coke Zero Caffeine Free. Diet Coke with Lime. There’s a ridiculously long list of Coke products available throughout the world, but that hasn’t stopped designer Wonchan Lee from taking the fizzy drink franchise into unchartered waters with his ‘Coca Cola Le Parfum’ range.

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What it says on the tin

Coffee from Guatemala. Brie from France. Strawberries from, erm, England. For most of us, knowing the country our food has come from is enough to satisfy our curiosity. But for a new breed of shopper, country-of-origin labels are far from adequate.

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There’s method in that mo

Method is launching two limited edition ‘Soap for Hope’ hand washes in support of two important causes: breast and prostate cancer awareness. Both hand wash bottles feature unique designs, including a moustache pattern as a wink to Movember, the global charity that challenges men around the world to grow a moustache during the month of November, raising money and awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer.

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Queen of the (Icon) Hill

If you want curves, then there’s only one woman to go to, and it’s not Christina Hendricks. Zaha Hadid (aka Queen of the Curves) is probably best known for designing the Opera House in Guangzhou and the Pavillion Bridge in Zaragoza.

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Balanced burger

It’s one of life’s great challenges: you’re on the bus. You’ve got a Big Mac box in one hand and a Coke in the other. Just how are you meant to hold everything while you eat?

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