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You can coco

You can coco

The times when the chocolate urge hits are usually the times when you can’t really be bothered to trudge down to the shops. What if you could, say, just download some chocolate? Like, print it out and get guzzling? All without moving from your desk / sofa / duvet? Mike TV and Willy Wonka though it was a pretty good idea. And Hershey does too.

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Outdo you

Outdo you

Outdoing others is not the zeitgeist for 2015. Beating yourself is. We’re not talking self-flagellation, but self-motivation. Or rather, Nike is.

To inspire runners across the pond to out-perform their 2014 track records, they’ve turned to man-of-the-moment illustrator, McBess, and data gleaned from its Nike+ members. The result is more than 100,000 personalised animations that feature your own, big-eyed avatar training in your home city, complete with the actual atmospheric and aerobic challenges you battled through in the last 12 months.

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Fragrance free

Fragrance free

The sweeping, classical logotype. The restrained application of spot varnish. The stoppered glass bottle, frosted or faceted. Think about it. Isn’t it strange that perfume brands rely so heavily on visual elements to seduce consumers? Surely it would make more sense if consumers were encouraged to follow their noses instead.

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The best possible taste

The best possible taste

“And as she drew closer, their parted lips brushed softly together and she caught the sweet spiciness of… Madras sauce…”

OK, curry-fresh breath isn’t perhaps the most attractive option for a first date, but not to worry. With the launch of Breath Palette flavoured toothpaste, you have 30 other flavours to choose from.

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Season’s greetings by (robot) hand

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. Look out for more throughout December.

Season’s greetings

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to ask the tough questions. Like, who gets onto the Christmas card list this year? The nice cab driver who returned your iPhone last week. Or Julie from Personnel, who was definitely a bit snippy in the elevator this morning. It’s a significant task, sharing the seasonal love, but fortunately help is at hand. A robot hand, to be precise.

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A Coke of many colours

A Coke of many colours

Red and white. Red and white. Red and white. Royal purple. Shocking pink. Vivid turquoise. Hold on a second. What’s going on with Diet Coke? In a startling departure from the guidelines, Coca-Cola is offering consumers in Israel the chance to pick up their preferred variety of Coke sheathed in an entirely unique design.

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Watch out, whiskey drinkers. Everything you know – or think you know – about taste, process and quality could be about to change.

Having realised that the difference between top-shelf whiskey and cheap whiskey is largely down to the amount of time spent in the barrel and the kind of wood used, some clever chaps have invented a way for you to ‘age’ your own whiskey.

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Sky hi-fi

Sky hi-fi 1

Ever been to a wedding where the invitation asks you to submit your favourite tune for the DJ’s playlist? Ever hidden in shame as the dance floor clears and everyone tuts when your choice comes on?

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Pizza face

Pizza face 1

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJFayU3sDok

Too tired to cook? Too weary to make a call? Too exhausted to type? Wow. You should see someone about that. And that someone is ‘Dom’, the new voice-ordering app that lets you order pizzas from Domino’s just by speaking into your phone.

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Another dimension for 3D printing

Another dimension

It all began in 1984 when Charles Hull (Chuck to his mates) created the first 3D printer. In the thirty years since we’ve seen toys, bikes, cars, prosthetic limbs and replacement hips run off the 3D production line. Someone’s even created a 3D printer that prints 3D printers.

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