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Bring the house down

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Sometimes it’s nice to get home, crank up the heating and snuggle under a blanket. After a 5k run is not one of those times. Nor is the end of a sweaty summer’s day in an un-air-conditioned office. Or when you’ve been lugging shopping bags around for what seems like weeks.

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The flat-pack filter

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IKEA is a great place for young people to buy tables/ chairs/ shelves/ ice cube trays. Instagram is a great place for young people to share photos of their food/ trainers/ post-work pint (#longday). So it was only a matter of time before the two paths crossed, which they did in Russia recently.

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Get a pizza the profits

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Being particular about your BBQ-chicken-with-bacon could earn you big bucks. Domino’s Australia are extending their digital efforts beyond their 3D iPad app into a co-creational, crowd-sourcing movement for the people. By the people.

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Get your kicks creatively

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Instagram is a way of life for many. No meal can be enjoyed without applying that Amaro glow in a photo. No moment can feel real without a colour-popping X Pro II selfie to seal it. And no cat can truly be cute without capturing it first with Earlybird. And why not?

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The dog’s bottles

BrewDog has just opened its first shop, BottleDog (see what they did there).

Describing itself as your ‘one-stop-shop for all things craft beer in London’, BottleDog stocks over 250 craft beers, as well as ‘growler’ refills (that’s ‘flask’ to you and me), and equipment and advice for home brewing.

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Beef or chicken? Gherkins or lettuce? Mayo or ketchup? Seeded bun or plain? Bacon double cheese or bacon quadruple cheese? The perfect burger has been the subject of many a debate (mainly in the pub) but now the Golden Arches of McDonalds are opening the question up for the world to decide. (Lovin’ it, Damo.)

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Beacon of health and beauty

L@@K! 60% off DIY botox kits!! Buy one get one free on all nasal trimmers!! 3 for 2 on our new range of flameproof clothing!!! A quick scan down your inbox will probably reveal all manner of offers from businesses whose mailing list you keep meaning to unsubscribe from.

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Ever wondered if you could get away with a smoky eye look? What about a nearly-natural dewy glow? Or red lips and eyeliner flicks? Before you trot off to your local beauty hall and splash the cash, download L’Oreal’s new app and, er, splash some pixels instead.

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Heaven Scent

Those of you familiar with German author Patrick Süskind will be well read in the power of smell. Süskind’s brilliantly disturbing 1985 novel Perfume (later made into a disturbingly average movie) follows the life of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille – a murderer with an amazing sense of smell – on his quest to make the perfect scent.

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Play the road

For something that’s essentially a practical mode of transport, driving’s an incredibly emotional experience. Whether you’re sat silently swearing at the roadworks as the traffic chugs along at 1mph, or putting your foot down on Route 66, the feeling you get behind the wheel is a powerful one.
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