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Mini Instagram projector

Dim the lights. Pass round the popcorn. And treat your friends to a slideshow of all your finest filter-tastic snaps.

Projecteo is a mini projector created just for Instagram pictures. It was created last year, and thanks to $87,000 of Kickstarter funding, has just launched to the public. (Cheers, Keely.)

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Shampoo. Shaken not stirred.

At first glance it might seem like your average cocktail list. But take a closer look, and you’ll see these ingredients are designed for the bath, not the bar. Concoction is a new beauty service that lets you create made-to-measure shampoos tailored to your hair type, colour and condition.

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Spray-on fashion

Done spritzing on your deodorant? Now spray on your t-shirt and trousers. Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres has invented the world’s first clothes-spray, which forms a durable, elastic material when it hits the skin.

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A recipe for increased sales

Mayonnaise isn’t just for sandwiches. At a supermarket in São Paulo, Hellmann’s used NFC technology to suggest new recipes to shoppers as they perused the aisles. (Thanks, Tim.)




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Makr Shakr

Some robots would be no good at mixing a martini. C3PO, for example, would no doubt bruise the gin with those inflexible elbows of his, despite his plummy butler act. But these ‘guys’ put the most balletic of bartenders to shame. Fresh from MIT’s Senseable City Lab and rocking the bar in Milan is Makr Shakr: three robotic arms that can mix any drink you desire.

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App gifting

Today is your other half’s birthday. A big one. Only you haven’t got them a present. And you’re on the other side of the world. What do you do? There’s a new app with the answer: Jifiti. It lets you scan product barcodes and instantly send a voucher, for your specific, hand-chosen gift. (How thoughtful Tim!)

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App up your life

Unlike North Korea, where less than 0.1% of the population have access to the internet, China’s generation of mobile web surfers is booming. Tapping into this demographic’s constant need for ‘click and play’ stimulation, retail brand AER have created a concept store that delivers an exciting new experience every time.

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Tailor-made tales

Once it was true that ‘clothes maketh the man’. Now it’s more like ‘clothes talketh to woman’. Burberry Prorrsum follows the 2012 launch of its pre-season Made to Order service with Smart Personalisation chips, sewn into each item. (Cheers Jamie.)

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Heaven scent

Finding a new fragrance is often a daunting task. After hours of sampling, all you’re left with is numbed senses and a pounding head – but now, LA-based start-up Commodity have developed a solution. Their bespoke scent tailoring system enables users to find their ideal fragrance by filling out a set of questions and creating their own personal ‘scent profile’.

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Re-touch to-go

Most of us love sharing our photos on social media sites – but isn’t it annoying when a nice shot is spoiled by your messy hair or some other ‘imperfection’? Hardly surprising then, that social media has increased the demand for mobile services that enable us to share ‘idealised’ personal information – glamourising the side of our lives that we share with the public.

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