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Slow developer

Slow developer

Remember how exciting it used to be dropping off a film to be developed? The hope you felt as you picked your snaps up? The despair you felt as you flicked through them?

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Snap Happy

Ever since the first photo was taken, there’s been the desire to take something out of them. Whether that’s an intimate couple accidentally snapped on your beautiful beach sunset, or a helpful stranger photobombing your party pics, removing these blemishes is a lot more difficult than capturing them.

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Re-touch to-go

Most of us love sharing our photos on social media sites – but isn’t it annoying when a nice shot is spoiled by your messy hair or some other ‘imperfection’? Hardly surprising then, that social media has increased the demand for mobile services that enable us to share ‘idealised’ personal information – glamourising the side of our lives that we share with the public.

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Last week, Polaroid rolled out a retail-store concept at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The store uses ‘patent-pending, proprietary technology’ – allowing customers to select photos on their camera phones and transmit them wirelessly to ‘bar-top workstations’ for printing and framing.

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3D Photo Booth

If you enjoy Photo Booth, you’ll love this. A pop-up shop has opened in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, where folks can print out incredibly life-like 3D figurines of themselves. (Cheers, Alex)


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Lightt-up your life

Lightt is a free social app that creates ‘highlights’ – 10-second photograph sets that play back in just over a second, then repeat. According to the creators, “Lightt attempts to bridge the gap between the sheer snooooozable length of unedited amateur video with the incomplete story of a single photograph” – providing yet another way to share the intimate details of your life.

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Keep your loved ones close


Memolio™ is the brainchild of a small, diverse group of people with loads of creative, business and technical experience. The original goal was to find an easy way to take the uncountable numbers of images at large on the web and in people’s computers, and put them into a simple, versatile album. (Thanks, Wadey.)

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