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Moment to moment

Levi’s sub-brand Made & Crafted has just released their first edition of Moment to Moment, a magazine created in partnership with super-cool quarterly publication THE THING.

The project is rolling out in ‘real-time’ across the summer and autumn, and will feature the work of 20 artistic contributors in the form of online videos, paintings, essays, animated gifs and photography.

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Printed wi-fi

To promote its new Office 365 software, Microsoft placed an ad with free wifi in a special edition of Forbes magazine. (Nice spot, Alex.)







The ad was made up of four pages, with a super-skinny router and battery packed in between. After activating the wifi, readers could get online for free (thanks to T-Mobile) for 15 days, wherever they took the magazine.

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Clickable paper

The Clickable Paper app takes QR codes to a new level – enabling commercial printers and publishers to offer new multichannel features to their customers (Nice one, Toddy). With the click of a smartphone at any printed surface, people are directed to a wealth of related online content – from videos and games to social media.

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Windows 8 – my cover

Look out for the December issue of many Conde Nast magazines, including Wired, The New Yorker, Vogue and Glamour. For one issue only, these covers will resemble Windows 8 Start screens – as part of the company’s initiative to inform readers about its content on the new platform. The cover attachments aren’t paid ads for Microsoft – these can be found inside the magazines. Instead, the covers are coordinated with them.

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Fading fables

Struggle to finish books or reluctant to try new authors? Then take note of a new invention by Argentinean publishers Eternal Cadencia: a book written in disappearing ink.

El Libro que No Puede Esperar (The Book That Can’t Wait) comes in sealed packaging. As soon as you start to turn its pages, the book begins to age, giving readers less than two months before the words fade into nothingness.

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Novel travel

As part of its National Reading Plan, the Catalan Government Railways has teamed up with Random House publishers to get more passengers into a good book.

On ten services, posters on the outside of middle carriages encourage commuters to join the ‘reading train’. Once inside, posters offer a selection of first chapters from 40 popular novels, which can be downloaded with a QR code.

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Unbound could change the face of publishing by letting readers decide what gets on shelf. On the site, authors pitch their book ideas and readers pledge support for whatever sounds like a good read. When enough support is collected, the book gets published. (Many thanks to Tim.)

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An appetite for reading

ASDA, Penguin Books and the estate of author Roald Dahl want to add reading to the breakfast menu of children in Britain.

ASDA plan to reproduce short excerpts from Dahl’s most famous books (eg Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG) on the back of 10 million boxes of their own brand cereal. Penguin Books hopes these excerpts will inspire kids to seek out the full-length versions of the stories.

The MD of the publisher says: ‘with anxieties about school budgets being cut and libraries closing, we need to find different ways to get books in front of children, especially those growing up in households that don’t read.’

If the campaign works, the publisher hopes to partner with more supermarket chains.

Via. http://www.psfk.com/2011/04/puffin-brings-bite-sized-literature-to-uk-cereal-boxes.html

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Too close for comfort

Wired UK sent extremely personalised magazine covers to select subscribers to emphasise their cover story about the end of online privacy.


By scouring publicly available sources, the sleuths at Wired dug out ultra-revealing facts about some of their randomly chosen readers, from their property profits to their kids’ online activities.

Sounds scary, but it drives home Wired’s point about “what the end of privacy means for you.”

Via. http://www.psfk.com/2011/02/wired-uk-sends-eerily-personalized-covers-to-readers.html/wired-uk-magazine-sends-eerily-personalized-covers-to-readers

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1. Transmedia

Bauer Media-owned glossy mag, Grazia, has launched Grazia TV. This weekly series of five-minute webisodes feature a round-up of the latest fashion, beauty and entertainment news, inspired by the magazine’s ‘Ten Hot Stories ‘ section. (Thanks to Matt ‘digital’ Davies.)

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