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Talk dirty. Eat healthy.

Talk dirty 1


In the professional kitchen, it’s generally accepted that a few flying expletives really help a dish come together. In a cookbook however, it’s a bit of a shock to find recipes in which the language is just as ripe as the ingredients. With the launch of their vegan recipe book, Thug Kitchen show they’re not afraid to throw in a generous helping of sweariness.

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The Good (BBQ) Book

Summer. Sandals with socks. Grown ups running like school children away from wasps. Men standing proudly over their BBQs as they turn high-quality food into low-grade carbon.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.25.45

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Snap Happy

Ever since the first photo was taken, there’s been the desire to take something out of them. Whether that’s an intimate couple accidentally snapped on your beautiful beach sunset, or a helpful stranger photobombing your party pics, removing these blemishes is a lot more difficult than capturing them.

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The kids’ guide to wine tasting*

The world of wine can be a complex and confusing one. Wafts of sweet pipe tobacco. Toasty hints of dried herbs. Subtle undertones of elephant’s toenail. What does it all mean?

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Au naturel

Goodbye fake tans, fake breasts and fake nails. Hello natural skin tones, flushed cheeks and an au naturelle aesthetic. A new wave of magazines and websites are reinventing porn, doing away with all things tacky and creating a category of tasteful ‘visual stimulus’.

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Pay as you print

News or sport? Fashion or food? Celebrity gossip or highbrow economics? Swedish company Meganews has created a magazine-printing kiosk that lets you flick through a selection of magazines, pick your fave, then pay with a credit card and wait while it’s printed.

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Moment to moment

Levi’s sub-brand Made & Crafted has just released their first edition of Moment to Moment, a magazine created in partnership with super-cool quarterly publication THE THING.

The project is rolling out in ‘real-time’ across the summer and autumn, and will feature the work of 20 artistic contributors in the form of online videos, paintings, essays, animated gifs and photography.

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Printed wi-fi

To promote its new Office 365 software, Microsoft placed an ad with free wifi in a special edition of Forbes magazine. (Nice spot, Alex.)

The ad was made up of four pages, with a super-skinny router and battery packed in between. After activating the wifi, readers could get online for free (thanks to T-Mobile) for 15 days, wherever they took the magazine.

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Clickable paper

The Clickable Paper app takes QR codes to a new level – enabling commercial printers and publishers to offer new multichannel features to their customers (Nice one, Toddy). With the click of a smartphone at any printed surface, people are directed to a wealth of related online content – from videos and games to social media.

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Windows 8 – my cover

Look out for the December issue of many Conde Nast magazines, including Wired, The New Yorker, Vogue and Glamour. For one issue only, these covers will resemble Windows 8 Start screens – as part of the company’s initiative to inform readers about its content on the new platform. The cover attachments aren’t paid ads for Microsoft – these can be found inside the magazines. Instead, the covers are coordinated with them.

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