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Faster food

Faster food

“Wait a minute, I’ll just take a picture before you start.” If your food is forever going cold because your friends insist on snapping/filtering/Instagramming every meal you have, you need to book a table at The Secret Restaurant.

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Waste makes taste


The saying goes that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Whilst it’s difficult to pinpoint the precise author of this pithicism (possibly Chambers Journal of popular literature, science and arts, 1879) it’s been used as the backbone for many a business in recent years – just look at eBay and Gumtree.

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Big M-app & fries

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1950 was the year the world was introduced to Fast Food.

Officially recognised in the dictionary in 1951, Fast Food has become increasingly faster over the last sixty years. But just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any quicker, McDonalds have hit the afterburners with their new app that allows you to order ahead and save precious extra seconds queuing to pay.

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Eat someone else’s words

CAUTION: the following poke contains puns of a disturbing nature.

War & Peas. Lord of the Onion Rings. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Pie. The Da Vinci Cod. Peter Pancake. The Loin, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Of Rice and Men. Tequila Mockingbird.

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Dough it yourself

‘I’ll have the deep-pan meat feast, with extra pepperoni, no green peppers, onions instead of jalapenos, black olives instead of ham and a cheesy stuffed crust.’

Thanks to Pizza Hut, the days of reciting ridiculously complicated pizza orders to befuzzled waiters are over. Their new interactive table top lets you create your ideal pizza from scratch, starting with the base and finishing with a whole smorgasmord of toppings. (Good find, Tim.)

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Disloyalty cards

There’s always been something quite appealing about the idea of walking into your local coffee shop and hearing the words “Just your usual?”

But now, Washington D.C.’s Peregrine Espresso coffee shop is trying to make us break our habits and try somewhere new – five other coffee shops, in fact. (Thanks, Harl.)

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Bite your lip

First we had restaurants where the food was served in the pitch dark (Dans Le Noir? London). Now the latest restaurant to jump on the sensory deprivation bandwagon is Eat in Brooklyn’s oh-so-chic Greenpoint neighbourhood. (Silent nod to Em!)

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Stories on a plate

East London eatery Dishoom has created a campaign that enables people to share their café stories. (Nice one Jamie). It’s inspired by Mumbai’s Iranian cafés, where everyone from businessmen to students to old timers meet up to share food and conversation. So, Dishoom has made 80 plates featuring personal memories and tales from these melting pots of café culture.

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Lucky dip dinners

Visit Lucky Days café in York and, if you throw a six on their giant dice, you get your meal for just £1. (Smart Tim). It might sound too good to be true, but there’s no catch – and the café is already tempting hungry diners with good food for a fraction of the menu price. If you’re feeling lucky (and hungry) then why not pay them a visit.

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Burger bar dreams

As part of the ‘I’m Amazing’ advertising campaign, children in Hong Kong were invited to submit designs for the McDonald’s restaurant of their dreams. The chosen designs were then adapted for a real restaurant.

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