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Bite your lip

First we had restaurants where the food was served in the pitch dark (Dans Le Noir? London). Now the latest restaurant to jump on the sensory deprivation bandwagon is Eat in Brooklyn’s oh-so-chic Greenpoint neighbourhood. (Silent nod to Em!)

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Stories on a plate

East London eatery Dishoom has created a campaign that enables people to share their café stories. (Nice one Jamie). It’s inspired by Mumbai’s Iranian cafés, where everyone from businessmen to students to old timers meet up to share food and conversation. So, Dishoom has made 80 plates featuring personal memories and tales from these melting pots of café culture.

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Lucky dip dinners

Visit Lucky Days café in York and, if you throw a six on their giant dice, you get your meal for just £1. (Smart Tim). It might sound too good to be true, but there’s no catch – and the café is already tempting hungry diners with good food for a fraction of the menu price. If you’re feeling lucky (and hungry) then why not pay them a visit.

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Burger bar dreams

As part of the ‘I’m Amazing’ advertising campaign, children in Hong Kong were invited to submit designs for the McDonald’s restaurant of their dreams. The chosen designs were then adapted for a real restaurant.

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Imagine your ultimate burger. A succulent, handcrafted patty? Yes! Lovingly topped with all the extras? Of course! But wait. Now, thanks to San Francisco-based Momentum Machines, you can enjoy a burger created by robots – in the world’s first ‘no chefs’ restaurant.

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Brite idea

It’s an old joke – if you can’t pay your dinner bill, you’ll end up in the kitchen washing dishes.
But no one really does that, right? Wrong.

Brazilian cleaning products company ‘Scotch-Brite’ was struggling to connect with younger consumers. They weren’t interested in trialling their sponges in stores, so Scotch-Brite decided on a different approach – inviting them to a restaurant, where they could enjoy a free meal in exchange for washing up afterwards.

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Levi’s uniform

Levi’s has partnered with San Francisco’s acclaimed Saison restaurant to create functional workwear for its staff. The restaurant shares the pioneering spirit of the Levi’s brand with its unique open-kitchen environment and innovative approach.

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In Japan, “metabo” means overweight – a hot phrase that has helped usher in a wave of new heath plans and diets. Tanita Shokudo is a new Tokyo restaurant tapping into this trend. Run by health device manufacturer Tanita Corp, the restaurant is both a healthy eatery and a place to pick up free nutritional and dietary advice.

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Go halfsies

Halfsies is a new programme that puts unfinished restaurant meals to good use, combating obesity and waste at the same time.

Participating restaurants pick certain meals from their menu to include in the program. When the patron chooses to “go halfsies” on the dish, they get a half-portion of the meal while still paying full price. 90% of the proceeds are then donated to support the fight against hunger with the remaining 10% funding Halfsies’ own operations.

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As the second largest market for McDonalds in the world, France was an appropriate choice for a store redesign rollout. The chain is keen to return to its roots and rebrand itself as a family restaurant, as opposed to the teen hangout it has become.

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