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McDonald’s has opened its doors as a wedding venue in Hong Kong.

While the notion of getting married at McDonald’s would turn off most people in the West, Hong Kong is a different story. A McDonald’s wedding wouldn’t be considered tacky, as many Hongkongers view the restaurant with nostalgic fondness.

In a country where the average wedding service costs $29,200 USD, and the average monthly household income is roughly only $2,250, the fast food chain’s parties, starting at $1,280, offer super sized savings.

Via. http://www.springwise.com/lifestyle_leisure/mcdonaldswedding/

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Chef Frank Hannon, alumnus of The River Café and Moro, has launched a Friday night takeout service for east London foodies. Orders are taken via text and email at the start of the week. On Friday, he cooks a casserole-style dish featuring the week’s best seasonal produce and delivers them on the evening. Customers only have to heat it up to enjoy a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of their own home.

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Strap in before you tuck in

August in Edinburgh is always a feast of culture, comedy, theatre and more but now they’re making mealtimes a real event too.

Over in the pop-up Sky Gardens, diners are strapped in to one of the 22 seats, before the whole table is hoisted 100 feet into the air. The sitting lasts for half an hour, giving people long enough to tuck in and enjoy the views of the castle and the city skyline.

Ref http://www.festivalinthesky.com/

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Random acts of surprise

Located inside Japan’s Urban Design Center Kashiwa-no-ha, the Ogori cafe looks innocuous enough, but there’s a surprise in store. In a nutshell, you don’t get what you ordered; you get what the person before you ordered, and the person after you gets what you ordered. Thus, if you’re in on the game, you can choose to lavish the next customer with delicious treats or try your luck at being cheap. Either way, it’s an interesting experiment that explores surprise, kindness and encourages strangers to strike up conversation.

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Spontaneous people power

Ever wanted to review restaurants and shops right there and then? Well, there’s an app for that. Users can now enter 140-character reviews or ‘quick tips’ which are then published to the mobile site. They can also begin a draft of a review on their phone, save it, and publish it from a computer later.

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Savings are in the eye of the beer-holder

Market rules apply at Broker’s Bier Borse, a popular pub in Berlin’s financial district. The price of each of the bar’s sixteen brews is set according to its popularity. So the more popular a beer is, the higher the price climbs, while the less desirable beers get cheaper.

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Technology that’s literally ‘cooking on gas’


A ramen robot restaurant named Fuamen Ramen has recently opened in Nagoya, Japan.
The two robotic chefs prepare bowls of noodles for customers simply by pouring
the broth, boiling the noodles and mixing all the ingredients together.

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Spice of life

Mission Street Food is a pop-up restaurant concept located in The Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. For the last six months, it’s been the talk of the town and way beyond, because it shows an almost telepathic understanding of what the twenty-something crowd is looking for from food right now.

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‘Be awesome’ more often


A person walks into PF Chang’s and tweets how much she loves the lettuce wraps. Since PF Chang’s is active on Twitter, they see the message and decide to ‘be awesome’ and send the Tweeter a free dessert and appetizer.

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