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Off the catwalk, onto the superhighway

Off the catwalk

London. Paris. Milan. New York. The hearts of the fashion world, where the rich and famous mingle with the young and trendy. The source of style for millions of people all over the world. Now we can add Leiden, Puri, Medan and Newcastle to the list, thanks to eBay’s latest adventure.

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Exercise by numbers

Exercise by numbers

Gyms. Sweat dripping down grey walls. Stale carpet tiles. Broken air conditioning units. Boxy TV screens showing music videos from the ‘90s. Row upon row of slippery, smelly treadmills.

Sound familiar? If your gym is still stuck in the dark ages, it’s time to move on. Research shows that more and more of us are shunning traditional high-street chains in favour of fitness and running groups, or re-considered gyms that place greater emphasis on design and style.

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Window dressing

Window dressing

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZXucLUfh0U

Stereotypical things you will never hear a man say #34: “I’m just popping into town for a spot of window shopping.” Well that may be about to change thanks to NEO’s new concept storefront in Nuremburg.

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The postman always brings rice

It started with books. Then came films. And games. And toys and toiletries and clothes and pretty-much-everything-you-can-think-of-except-groceries. Until now. In Seattle and LA, at least. Yes, online giants Amazon have taken a second bite at the cherry by launching their grocery service in Los Angeles. (Hats tipped towards Em.)

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Everything must go

Like the bar stool you’re sat on? It’s yours. How about that stuffed rooster? Or the grand piano? Or the barman’s jeans? Pawn & Co is a new bar on Melbourne’s Chapel Street, where everything – and we mean everything – is for sale. (Nice one, Lyndal.)

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Everything for U

Toaster – check. Kettle – check. Bed, sofa, lampshade, desk, linen, pictures, cushions, chairs, glasses, cutlery – check. Spotting the trend for freshers heading off to university with more than just the bare necessities, Target has launched a back-to-college marketing campaign called ‘Everything for U’.

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Tweety box

Remember the agony of shopping for shoes with your mum? Having your feet measured, being made to pace up and down, and always having to choose the sensible lace-ups?

In an effort to make shoe shops more fun for children, Görtz has introduced a series of shoelace packaging called ‘Shoelace Birds’. Each of the five brightly coloured, tropical birds has the shoelaces placed in their beak like a worm – much more interesting than your standard lace-round-cardboard structure.

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Virtual furniture

Will that Rörholt go with the Karlstad? What would that Tusenköna look like with the Nordli? And is there room for Billy behind the door?

In a move that could change furniture shopping forever, IKEA’s new catalogue app uses augmented reality to let you see exactly what their furniture would look in your house. You can also view items in 3D, giving you a much clearer idea of what they’re like.

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Greasy brown paper bags. Plastic trays with flimsy paper liners. Cardboard cups with striped straws. McDonald’s has never had the most glamorous packaging – until now.

In Japan, the fast-food chain has just introduced Quarter Pounder Jewelry Burgers, featuring unexpectedly posh additions like truffle sauce, chorizo and pineapple. And to match the luxury inside, they’ve given the packaging a classy, minimal look.

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Charged with caffeine

Phone down, power up. Starbucks has just announced that some of its coffee shops in Silicon Valley will let customers charge their phone using wireless charging technology.

To boost your battery while you sip your Venti Latte, all you have to do is rest your phone on a Duracell Powermat. No wires, no plugs, no frantic hunt for a socket.

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