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Leader of the unverpackt

Leader of the Unverpackt

Crisp bags half full of air. Coffee jars with two plastic lids. Cucumbers double-wrapped in film and cellophane. If over-packaged produce makes you go a bit bananas, take heart from what’s happening in Berlin.

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The society of grownups

society of grownups 1

Skinny cappuccino? A cinnamon bun perhaps? And would you like life insurance with that? In a bid to gain business from Millennials facing life decisions, insurance group MassMutual is inviting its customers to cosy up with them over a decent cup of coffee.

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Beauty is in the eye of the trolleyholder


Jumbo bag of bog roll: tick. Discounted deep fat fryer: tick. Megatub of tangy twizzlers: tick. Oooh, eight-pack of Jenna Hipp nail polishes: tick, tick, tick, tick, tick!

If you had the power to read Costco shoppers’ minds, this might well be what you’d hear. The superstore giant has teamed up with those world-worshipped experts at Beauty’s Most Wanted to give premium products the multipack treatment in store.

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Hubble, bubble, boil and trouble

Hubble bubble 1

Organic produce. Health food. Juice bars. What images come to mind? Rustic wholesomeness, raw wood and chirpy chalkboards, most probably. Time for a change? Just what Chicago’s rather rebellious Owen+Alchemy thought too.

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Bright old things

Bright old things

Fully on-trend with this Flat Age Society showcase, Selfridges has put a twist on its annual Bright Young Things talent scheme by featuring work from a somewhat more mature creative scene. (Thanks to fellow Flat Ager, David Whitbread.)

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Cut the mustard

Cut the mustard 1

Nope, there’s not a blockage in your beer pump. That thick, yellow liquid flowing from the tap is actually mustard. And very nice mustard at that.

French brand Maille has just opened its first stand-alone boutique in the US, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side (tasty spot, Tet).

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Fragrance free

Fragrance free

The sweeping, classical logotype. The restrained application of spot varnish. The stoppered glass bottle, frosted or faceted. Think about it. Isn’t it strange that perfume brands rely so heavily on visual elements to seduce consumers? Surely it would make more sense if consumers were encouraged to follow their noses instead.

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Health watch

Health watch

Need to know how healthy you are? Just check your wrist. No, not your pulse – your cool digital health monitor.

Walgreens, America’s largest drugstore chain is embracing digital technology in a bid to become a one-stop shop, not only for pharmaceuticals but also for lifestyle and preventative healthcare products.

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Festive throwback

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. This one’s No.12 – hope you’ve enjoyed them.

Festive throwback

There’s no doubt that any charity idea is a good idea. But what with ice buckets, selfies and viral videos, the stakes have been raised massively this year. Which is why General Pants’ Christmas campaign feels like it’s just stumbled out of the ‘80s.

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Away in a mango

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. Santa will be here very soon.

Away in a mango

Swap the baubles for a banana. The paper chains for a papaya. And the fake snow for, erm, a fuzzy peach.

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