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Exercise by numbers

Exercise by numbers

Gyms. Sweat dripping down grey walls. Stale carpet tiles. Broken air conditioning units. Boxy TV screens showing music videos from the ‘90s. Row upon row of slippery, smelly treadmills.

Sound familiar? If your gym is still stuck in the dark ages, it’s time to move on. Research shows that more and more of us are shunning traditional high-street chains in favour of fitness and running groups, or re-considered gyms that place greater emphasis on design and style.

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Window dressing

Window dressing

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZXucLUfh0U

Stereotypical things you will never hear a man say #34: “I’m just popping into town for a spot of window shopping.” Well that may be about to change thanks to NEO’s new concept storefront in Nuremburg.

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The flat-pack filter

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IKEA is a great place for young people to buy tables/ chairs/ shelves/ ice cube trays. Instagram is a great place for young people to share photos of their food/ trainers/ post-work pint (#longday). So it was only a matter of time before the two paths crossed, which they did in Russia recently.

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Big M-app & fries

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1950 was the year the world was introduced to Fast Food.

Officially recognised in the dictionary in 1951, Fast Food has become increasingly faster over the last sixty years. But just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any quicker, McDonalds have hit the afterburners with their new app that allows you to order ahead and save precious extra seconds queuing to pay.

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Read it and eat

One steak burrito, three chicken tacos, a veggie fajita, a large side of superlatives, and extra compound adjectives. To eat in. Please. Words are indeed on the menu at branches of US fast food chain Chipotle. Well, on the packaging at least. (Word up, Maia.)

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Snap till you drop

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Powatag is about to revolutionise the retail world. And possibly vapourise your life savings at the same time. The app lets you shop by simply snapping a picture of your desired shoes/ TV/ car/ wedding ring on your smartphone. (Thanks Tim – I think?)

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Tweety buy

Is one-click shopping slowing you down? Do you yearn for the day when you can buy things just by clicking your fingers? Firstly, you need help. Secondly, your dreams are a little closer to becoming a reality.

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Heaven Scent

Those of you familiar with German author Patrick Süskind will be well read in the power of smell. Süskind’s brilliantly disturbing 1985 novel Perfume (later made into a disturbingly average movie) follows the life of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille – a murderer with an amazing sense of smell – on his quest to make the perfect scent.

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Shopping for men

Many have tried. Many have failed. No, we’re not talking about eating a 2kg steak in twenty minutes. Or finishing Ulysses. Or even climbing Everest. It seems the most insurmountable challenge currently facing society is this: how do you make shopping fun for men?

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Soak up your sins

Many drunken nights end in kebab ecstasy. But what about the morning after? Do you Detox with a fruit juice and a salad? Or do you ‘Retox’ by chowing down on more unhealthy nosh? A café has cropped up in East London where you can do both. (But not at the same time, obviously.)

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