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It’s a wrap

Swedish convenience store chain Pressbyrån has introduced new packaging for their sandwiches and wraps featuring a pared-down aesthetic and a 70s-influenced colour scheme.

Keeping things nice and simple, all sandwiches now come in paper holders, while wraps are enclosed in wholesome brown paper.

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Habitat bring and buy

Habitat stores might have all-but disappeared in the UK, but the brand has been given a new lease of life in France. In the middle of the famous St Ouen flea market in Paris, the furniture retailer has just opened a new concept space.

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Healthy Corner Store

Going to the corner shop for sweets is a special treat for most children. But in Philadelphia, the poorest and most obese city in the US, researchers found that half the kids in low-income neighbourhoods shop at corner stores twice a day.

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Check-out happiness

From screaming toddlers to baffling aisle layouts, long queues to self-checkouts, supermarkets have the potential to make us furious at the best of times. Realising this, Russia-based marketing tech company Synqera has found a way to bring emotion detection to checkouts, giving angry shoppers deals and discounts when they need them most. (Cheers, Tim.)

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Clicks and mortar

Online shopping’s all very well. But what if you want to touch, sniff and try before you buy? To prove the high street isn’t completely dead, online marketplace Storenvy has opened a shop for their online traders, allowing them to sell their wares in the real world.

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Smart cookies

Is it art? Is it a collection of tennis balls? Nope, it’s new gourmet biscuit brand Beurre & Sel.

Created by food critic, writer and chef Dorie Greenspan and her son Josh, Beurre & Sel takes its name from their signature sweet and savoury mix of butter and salt.

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Muji Miles

It might not make for such an interesting conversation with your hairdresser, but you can now clock up ‘Muji Miles’ with your very own Muji passport. (Cheers Tim.)

The new digital passport app ‘checks you in’ when you arrive in the store, then gives you digital coupons and adds loyalty points as you shop. It also lets you check stock availability in nearby shops so you can track down that elusive duvet cover.

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Deep-sea packaging

It’s always a nerve-wracking moment getting your new watch wet. Does waterproof really, really mean waterproof?

To prove to discerning customers that their diving watches do what they say on the pack, Festina is selling their timepieces in clear bags filled with distilled water. (Cool spot, Jamie C.)

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Transparent fashion

Everyone knows about the ridiculous mark-up on certain food and drink (popcorn, anyone?). But it’s much trickier to know what you’re paying for when it comes to fashion.

To try and change this, new Californian fashion retailer Everlane has made all its pricing completely transparent. So instead of just showing the price, infographics outline the cost of materials, construction and transport, as well as the mark-up and where it was made.

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Buycotting brands

These days, it seems more and more brands are owned by a bigger daddy brand. Kiehl’s is owned by L’Oreal. Pringles is owned by Kellogg’s. Converse is owned by Nike. And… the list goes on.

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