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Slow developer

Slow developer

Remember how exciting it used to be dropping off a film to be developed? The hope you felt as you picked your snaps up? The despair you felt as you flicked through them?

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By Gum

Gone are the days of men simply running their fingers through their hair before leaving the house. Gum salon is the latest brand to launch a collection of male hair styling products – with everything from a thickening shampoo to conditioning treatments.

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Wash-day social

A French website is taking social sharing to a new level, by matching people whose washing machines sit unused during the day with those who need a handy place to wash their clothes.

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Colouring in for grownups

Just because you’re a grownup doesn’t mean you have to turn in your crayons. Plenty of adults enjoy colouring, especially after a day of stressful, boring grownup stuff.



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