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Wage against the machine

Long before Arnie donned his leather jacket and uttered the immortal words ‘I’ll be back’, humans have been fascinated with the idea of robots (and their potential to take over the world/ clean our kitchens). Even before Karel Capek coined the word ‘robot’ in his 1920 play Rossum’s Universal Robot (thanks Wikipedia) the ancient Greeks and Chinese had notions of artificial intelligence.

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Imagine your ultimate burger. A succulent, handcrafted patty? Yes! Lovingly topped with all the extras? Of course! But wait. Now, thanks to San Francisco-based Momentum Machines, you can enjoy a burger created by robots – in the world’s first ‘no chefs’ restaurant.

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Love long-distance

Sex toy brand LovePalz has used motion-sensing technology to help long-distance couples stay intimately connected. (Thanks to Zoe for enlightening us)

The Wi-Fi enabled device features two parts (‘Zeus’ and ‘Hera’), which can be used miles apart. The smart device senses your actions then transmits them, so they’re physically reflected on the other device – providing a real-time virtual sex experience.

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Fashion fembot

Tokyo department store Takashimaya is stopping shoppers in their tracks with a Valentines Day display featuring an android mannequin. The lifelike female android smiles, nods and even yawns at people. (tx to Elliot)

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