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Get your tweets out for the Greeks

You’d be well within your rights to question the value of a high-tech bra that tweets every time it’s taken off. Fortunately it’s not the latest gadgetry for people suspicious of their partner’s fidelity; it’s a new breast cancer awareness campaign from Nestlé in Greece.

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Milk Carton 2.0

In the seventies, putting missing children on milk cartons was a sure-fire way to get people’s attention. But thirty years later, we’re more likely to be looking at Facebook than our full-fat milk, and more likely to be pinning a picture of our breakfast than perusing its packaging.

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New pins to buy

Pinterest is changing. Soon you’ll be able to use specific pins for food, retail products and movies. Then you’ll be able to click through and actually buy what you’ve been drooling over, rather than just dreaming about it.

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Beauty therapy

James Blunt tried. So did X-tina (but at least she kept her clothes on for that one). It doesn’t matter how often women hear “You are beautiful”, they don’t seem believe it. So Dove has bypassed their ears and gone for the eyes instead. In a return to the Campaign for Real Beauty, first launched in 2004, Unilever’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ for the brand is now sitting pretty at the top of the Viral Video Chart, putting Kmart’s ‘Ship My Pants’ and Evian’s ‘Babies’ in the shade.

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Re-touch to-go

Most of us love sharing our photos on social media sites – but isn’t it annoying when a nice shot is spoiled by your messy hair or some other ‘imperfection’? Hardly surprising then, that social media has increased the demand for mobile services that enable us to share ‘idealised’ personal information – glamourising the side of our lives that we share with the public.

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Rest in Tweets

This one’s a bit creepy, but fascinating too. ‘LivesOn’ is a new Twitter app, designed to tweet for you after you pass away. (Nice one, Darren) Read more on Rest in Tweets…

Chat with the stars

As if celebrities don’t already have enough money, we can now pay to chat with them online. GreenRoom offers the opportunity to ‘facetime’ with celebrities using video chat technology – if you’re prepared to cough-up $100-$300 for a 15 minute conversation. As well as connecting with celebrities including Jackie Collins and Tom Hanks, you can ‘bid’ to chat with experts from various sectors, including health and interior design.

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Bang with Friends

Now, here’s a weird one. Introducing the most disruptive app that Facebook has seen in a long time – Bang With Friends.

The premise is simple, but undeniably controversial. You install the app, which lists all your friends of the opposite sex. You click on the friend you’d like to ‘bang’, and no one ever knows…unless your friend installs the app and chooses to ‘bang’ you too. If that happens, the app sends you both a message – and what happens next is up to you.

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Pre-internet shoe

Diesel is trying a bit of reverse psychology by asking fans to refrain from posting on social media sites and sharing on Instagram. The prize? A shoe from 1993 which the brand proudly promotes as low-tech. To win it, fans have to go cold turkey on Facebook posts for three days or quit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for two days. Twenty fans will win the shoe.

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Clickable paper

The Clickable Paper app takes QR codes to a new level – enabling commercial printers and publishers to offer new multichannel features to their customers (Nice one, Toddy). With the click of a smartphone at any printed surface, people are directed to a wealth of related online content – from videos and games to social media.

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