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Clean up your newsfeed

The sponsored tweet from British Gas. The now obsolete Breaking Bad memes. The inappropriately named ‘best Vines on the web’ posts.

Any Facebook or Twitter user will know the feeling of having their social media feeds clogged up with the unnecessary and frankly annoying posts of pages they don’t even remember Liking. But now cleaning brand Ajax has the perfect answer to all the unwanted mess, with their new app, Social Wipes.

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It’s no longer complicated

For many people it’s the simplest of questions: male or female? But now, after consultation with LGBT activist groups, Facebook has finally announced that users in the US are no longer required to pick between two choices for their gender.

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Tweeting rough

It’s all too easy to get used to seeing people sleeping on the streets. But if anything’s going to change, we need to talk more openly about the issue.

Canadian artists Patricio Davila and Dave Colangelo are trying to encourage people to do just that. After finding out that an estimated 5,000 people sleep rough every night on Toronto’s streets, they started a ‘public data visualisation project’ called In the Air, Tonight.

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Breaking the (jelly) mould

Naming’s something we’ve done our fair share of here. Be it descriptive, associative, or abstract, we know a trick or two. So we assumed that Jelly – the latest app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone that combines search engines and social media – falls very much into the abstract category.

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The night before, remixed

Wake up. Reach for painkillers. Check Facebook. Crawl back under the duvet.

Every night out needs a morning after, and Smirnoff’s new ‘Mixhibit’ app offers a fresh take on sharing your memories.

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Snap Happy

Ever since the first photo was taken, there’s been the desire to take something out of them. Whether that’s an intimate couple accidentally snapped on your beautiful beach sunset, or a helpful stranger photobombing your party pics, removing these blemishes is a lot more difficult than capturing them.

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Social mannequins

If you haven’t already seen Andrew McCarthy’s career-defining performance in 1987’s Mannequin (about an ancient Egyptian Queen who comes back to life in the form of a shop mannequin), we wouldn’t recommend it. Unless you’re a fan of the strongest variety of cheese. What we would recommend is the new Vancl Star app (Looking sharp, Tim) that shows you their clothes as modelled by real life mannequins (or fellow customers, as they’re also known).

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The Gift of Gif

In years gone by lenticulars were exclusively for use by people who wanted to watch lions yawning on their bookmark, or Emlyn Hughes doing keep ups on their ruler. But Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang are about to change all that.

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Get your tweets out for the Greeks

You’d be well within your rights to question the value of a high-tech bra that tweets every time it’s taken off. Fortunately it’s not the latest gadgetry for people suspicious of their partner’s fidelity; it’s a new breast cancer awareness campaign from Nestlé in Greece.

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Stand in line online

Considering the amount of time we generally spend complaining about being stuck in queues, it’s amazing to see how happy people are to camp out for days when the latest bit of tech/ shoe/ game comes along. (Plus it’s difficult to tell if they’re just being paid to stand there.)

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