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Personal shopping

Nuji, a new social network launched in 2011, enables members to create their own virtual stores by selecting items and saving them to wish lists. The lists are presented as a personal online shopping page and link directly to the e-commerce page for each item.

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Fellody is a new social networking service that connects people with similar taste in music. It compares the music on people’s computers and ranks the highest matches in your area. The system is clever enough to ignore the songs you never play and if you want to keep your guilty listening pleasures a secret, you can choose the songs within your music library that will be matched.

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Kindle club

Amazon has quietly rolled out a new social networking service for Kindle owners.
Rather than aiming for the mainstream social media users, Kindle’s network targets the bookish types – and if you count the number of Kindle users, that’s a pretty big social network in itself. Amazon Kindle owners will now have dedicated profiles online, similar to Facebook pages, where users can follow each other and find out what they’re reading, what they’ve put down and what’s waiting in a stack on their nightstand.

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Social media cleans up

In the wake of the UK riots, social media has been used as a force for good. Clean-up organisers and supporters have used Twitter and Facebook to spread their message and mobilise operations.

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People are drawn to infographics because they plot out topics in a fun, digestible manner. The online world has infographics of everything under the sun, including the ‘7 Types of iPhone User’ – a mischievous look at how the device has shaped society – and the ‘Can We Date?’ flow chart – a hilarious exploration of dating mores.

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Facebook blood groups

Natal is the Israeli Trauma centre for victims of terror and war, where finding a quick blood donor match is the difference between life and death. Israeli advertising agency, Twentythree, redefined social collaboration by launching Facebook blood groups – the largest online pool of emergency blood donors that can be contacted in a click. (Thanks to Digital Alex.)

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This one’s on me

PepsiCo announced the launch of its Social Vending System, a digital vending machine with an interactive touchscreen display that lets you buy a drink for a friend and personalise it with a video message. The friend receives a text with the gift code redeemable at their nearest vending machine, where they can view the video message. There’s even a “Random Acts of Refreshment” function where users can buy a drink for a stranger. (Thanks to Chi-town Eliot.)

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Music for the masses, by the masses

On March 22, Coca-Cola is holding, sponsoring and ‘fuelling’ a 24-hour live music event in London in conjunction with the band, Maroon 5. And everyone’s invited. People all over the world will be able to interact with Maroon 5 to influence their writing of a new song – just by RSVPing on Facebook.

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A tweet price

UK Twitter fans have the chance to control the price of clothes from Japanese retailer, Uniqlo.

The Lucky Counter initiative urges consumers to tweet about Uniqlo’s best-selling items. The more tweets, the more prices will be reduced online. The final prices will be announced on September 9th when the fashion brand’s new website goes live.

Despite the recession, Uniqlo has continued to grow, thanks largely to its marketing innovations.


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Supply and tweet demand

Hippo, a newly-launched snack food in India, turned to social media when consumers couldn’t get hold of their snack. Distributed to over 400,000 stores across India, Hippo Baked Munchies were so popular that stocks kept running low, or running out altogether. So the brand asked consumers to tweet @HelloMeHippo whenever they couldn’t find the snacks in a store, and promised to re-stock within hours.

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