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Icebreakertags are the perfect nametags for gatherings of social networkers. Instead of just saying your name, these tags strike up a conversation with a question.

To make your own icebreakertag, visit the website (, where you can type your question directly onto the tag, customize it with a graphic, hit print and voila: 10 tags sure to get your next party talking.


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Social printed media

Not all social media interactions have to be fleeting. A new wave of custom books are helping connected consumers make their social media connections last longer.

EgoBook is a Facebook app that allows you to make a hard copy of your wall interactions, including photo mosaics of all your Facebook friend avatars and a top 20 list of your all-time best wall commenters. It’s a truly personalized product and a perfect gift for the social media lover in your life this holiday season.


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Geek tweets

Tapping into Best Buy’s greatest asset – its employees – has always required a trip to the store. Now you can just log on to Twelpforce, where an army of knowledgeable Best Buy employees stand poised and ready on Twitter. It’s Best Buy’s expertise available anytime, anywhere, for free.

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Who’s coming to dinner?

Creative artist Luong Lu has come up with a new social dining concept called “Neighbor Dining” for the Dutch energy company, Vattenfall. Lu proposes using a community website integrated with Foursquare that details the daily menu of all users. Interested folks would simply send a request to a user to join them for dinner. The hosts serving dinner get a discount on their energy bill when the guests ‘check-in’ to their place. It’s an excellent way to cure loneliness and save energy at the same time.

Check out to see how it works.


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Social engineering

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What’s in your basket?

If you like a sneaky peek in other shoppers’ baskets when you’re standing at the checkout (and who doesn’t), you might like Barcode Hero. This is barcode scanning meets casual gaming. The first of its kind, this app attempts to personalise the in-store retail experience by letting friends compare product finds and purchasing prowess.

You simply log in to the free application via your Facebook account, and from there, earn ‘points’ every time you scan an item (you don’t even have to buy it). Repeated scans of categorised objects unlock merit badges and can even earn you special deals. The app also provides price comparison tools and user recommendations.

Overly conspicuous consumption doesn’t sit well with today’s consumer, but opt-in services that make it easy for people to share the scoop on their latest shelf scores are a different story – illustrated by the rise in numbers of people ‘broadcasting’ their in-store retail experiences in YouTube ‘haul’ videos.


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Virtual goes tangible

In a DIY twist on augmented reality technology, StickyBits gives people the power to transform their surrounding environment into their own multimedia markup playground.

Think of it as virtual graffiti for the digital age. StickyBits uses vinyl barcode stickers and a mobile scanning app to tag social media content on top of real-world objects. StickyBits compatible smartphones simply scan the barcode to get the digital skinny on all of its appended content (or add their own). The StickyBits mobile scanning app is free and compatible with Android and iPhones, but techie taggers have to shell out $10 for a 20-pack of the vinyl barcodes.

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Doggie Tweets

Mattel were so inspired by Dug the talking dog in Pixar’s Up (Dug was prone to moments of dimwitted cuteness with lines, such as, ‘I was hiding under your porch because I love you’) that they created the Puppy Tweets collar.

The $30 collar is equipped with a motion and sound sensor to help it select which of the 500 pre-recorded Tweets best describes what your pup is doing. It then beams the Tweet wirelessly to a USB receiver, which in turn updates the Twitter account you’ve set up.

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Redefining luxury

Look very closely. These are not innocent crayons, they’re actually luxury health bars. Made from a complex combination of flavours, the main ingredients include chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, fruity pebbles and melted marshmallow. These gorgeous little treats are a perfect example of the ‘new luxury’, as described by Luxirare, a weekly webzine dedicated to clothing, cuisine and creative collaborations between creator and reader.

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What’s that buzzing sound?

Google’s latest social media experiment recently came to life in the form of Google Buzz: a social media-sharing service built into your Gmail window. Buzz will let you share photos, links, videos and status updates through your Gmail inbox or your mobile device’s web browser.

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