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Green bottle glamour

The classic glass ‘contour’ Coca-Cola bottle is about as iconic as modern design gets. Synonymous with the brand and instantly recognisable, the bottle has been a staple of Coca-Cola for nearly a century. Now, they’ve teamed up with Nendo to create a range of kitchenware – inspired by the classic bottle.

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Fat-blocking cola

PepsiCo has unveiled a new cola which, according to their technologists, reduces the absorption of fat in the body and helps to cut cholesterol levels. (Amazing, Tim!)

The fat-blocking Pepsi Special, which will be distributed by Suntory International, will go on sale in Japan. It’s one of several unusual drinks to be introduced by Pepsi, including Pepsi White – a clear tangerine-flavoured cola, which will be launched in December.

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Coca-Cola Radio

Coca-Cola have turned Brazil’s Capricho Magazine into an amplifier to promote the country’s Coca-Cola FM online radio platform. (Cheers, Jamie)


The magazine ran an ad with instructions on how to create the loudspeaker device for the iPhone. Check out the video below to see it in action: http://vimeo.com/50148669

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Bag a bottle

In much of Central America, soft drinks in bottles are often too expensive for the average consumer. Instead, popular domestic sodas are served cheaply in disposable plastic bags, and more expensive drinks like Coca-Cola are just poured into sandwich baggies.

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Happiness is a cold can

Hot on the heels of the ‘Make You Happy’ campaign from Walls Ice Cream comes the ‘Open Happiness’ campaign from Coca-Cola. (Thanks to our Make Mine a Builders tea-drinking chum, Mr. Chiu.)

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