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Call the local shots

Call the local shots

Global recipe; local taste. That’s the formula behind Pernod Ricard’s brand ‘Our/Vodka’. And it seems to be working a dream.

After launching in Berlin, Our/Vodka has just found its way to American soil, starting with Our/Detroit. The idea is simple: fund local micro-distilleries and give local entrepreneurs the freedom to make the brand their own.

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Drink inside the box

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When is a box not a box? When it’s a table, of course. To help Nikka Whisky stand out on European shelves, international distributor La Maison du Whisky has given it some snazzy new packaging that can be configured into a variety of shapes.

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Not just for the taste of it

Taste the difference. Taste the rainbow. The taste of paradise. When it comes to selling food and drink, taste (as you might well expect) is fairly high on the list of benefits. But some recent experiments by drinks giant Diageo have revealed that it’s not all about the best possible taste. (Sweet spot, DJ.)

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Bottoms up, down under

We’ve seen Absolut New Orleans, Absolut LA, Absolut Boston, Brooklyn and Miami. We’ve even seen Absolut London, Moscow and Polakom. But now the Swedish-based vodka business has taken its first trip to the southern hemisphere with Absolut Oz.

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Another drink-induced tattoo

Alcohol has been responsible for countless ill-judged tattoos. From the love of your life that ran off with someone else, to the profound Chinese proverb that doesn’t actually mean what you thought it meant. But now, Sébastien Mathieu, owner of Le Sphinx – a private tattoo parlour in Paris – is taking alcohol’s relationship with body art in a new direction.

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Beer on the rocks

Is this the end of the pint glass? US beer brand MillerCoors has just launched its newest product, Miller Fortune, which is intended to be served in a short whisky glass.

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Play your cards right

Screwdrivers. Monkey Glands. Old Etonians. Pink Ladies. Just a few of the cocktails you won’t find on the menu of New York’s NoMad Hotel bar. Instead you’re presented with a leather-bound portfolio of 25 illustrated cards, which you select depending on your spirit of choice and mood.

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Putting the Tea in cocktail

There was a time when tea was tea. You put milk in it. Maybe some sugar. You drank it. Then we discovered different blends like Earl Grey and Lapsang souchong. Then came Oolong, Darjeeling, Jasmine, Chamomile, Peppermint, Green, White, Redbush, and a thousand other fruity flavours.

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Whiskey off the rocks

In 2001 ex-rock climber Ralph Erenzo bought a mill in upstate NY. His intention was to make it into a refuge for local climbers, but his neighbours weren’t so happy about the idea, so he turned it into New York’s first whiskey distillery since prohibition. Rock climbing’s loss = our gain.

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A drop of blue

Absolut Perfection. Absolut LA. Absolut London, Moscow, Milan, Paradise, Pride, Porn, Psycho, Enigma, Impotence, Fidelity, Bling Bling, Marilyn, Karloff, Stoker. The list goes on. There aren’t many stones left unturned by Absolut’s marketing in the last 30 years, and recently the design of the bottle has become centre of attention.

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