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Call the local shots

Call the local shots

Global recipe; local taste. That’s the formula behind Pernod Ricard’s brand ‘Our/Vodka’. And it seems to be working a dream.

After launching in Berlin, Our/Vodka has just found its way to American soil, starting with Our/Detroit. The idea is simple: fund local micro-distilleries and give local entrepreneurs the freedom to make the brand their own.

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Drink inside the box

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When is a box not a box? When it’s a table, of course. To help Nikka Whisky stand out on European shelves, international distributor La Maison du Whisky has given it some snazzy new packaging that can be configured into a variety of shapes.

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Beer with spirit

“This is science fiction. It’s the dawn of a new era. Welcome to a strange new world.”

BrewDog has announced its “most eccentric and absurd project to date” with the launch of a new 35% abv beer-based spirit called WattDickie. It was developed in a “radical brewing and ice distillation process”, which currently has a patent pending.

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The elyx of life

What comes to mind when you think of Absolut? Dark bars? House parties? Ads with clever wordplay? Chances are, the brand’s Swedish heritage isn’t top of the list.

But to get back to its artistically-inclined, sustainably-minded roots, Absolut has introduced a new premier vodka made with traditional Swedish techniques: Absolut Elyx.

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Clearly whiskey

White Dog, Tennessee Rye and Moonshine – a growing number of producers are launching their own unaged white whiskies to cater for cocktail lovers and drinkers looking for neat spirits with an edge.

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Creatures of the night

Smirnoff Vodka have created a series of urban murals on buildings including the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture. The catch is, these special creations can only be seen at night.



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Spirits distiller Pernod and music/fashion label Kitsuné are collaborating on a series of products that span both brands’ expertise. The French companies have collaborated to create a bottle design for Pernod Absinthe, and a collection of similarly branded apparel and accessories.

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Message in a bottle


As part of an interesting collaboration project, Malibu rum bottles got a re-design by three different magazines. Vice Magazine went with a drippy beach scene, Clark took a minimalist approach with a stark white bottle with a stencil and spray paint set and Shoes Up packaged their sneaker-inspired bottle inside a shoe box.

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