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Customer hijack

Meat Pack in Guatemala already had a reputation for offering special discounts on their limited-edition trainers from the likes of Adidas, Puma and Nike – but they wanted to develop a new and innovative campaign that would take their customers by surprise. (Cheers, Jamie)

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Fast footprint

French-born engineer, designer and RCA student, Luc Fusaro has developed a prototype which can be architectured around the unique shape of a sprinter’s foot. It weighs just 96 grams, can shed fractions of a second off your time and, uniquely, comes straight out of a printer!

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Your very own ‘Mission Impossible’

In France, Adidas were struggling to reach young guys. So, knowing their love for action-packed movies, they created a campaign that made them stars of their very own ‘Mission Impossible’ adventure.

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Nike in space

Nike is collaborating with visual artist Tom Sachs to create NikeCraft – a capsule collection revolving around the theme of space.

The collection consists of a Marsfly trench, a small bag and running shoes. The products are all created from recycled materials such as car air bags, boat sails, spacesuits and other unusual items.

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Coca-Cola cheer

Coca-Cola deserves a round of applause for its latest mobile effort: The Cheering Truck (tx Elliot).

Outfitted with a recording booth, the red Coca-Cola truck drove throughout Argentina, stopping in select spots and inviting fans (sometimes whole school’s worth of them) to step inside and have their cheers captured on tape. As more sound files were stowed away, a digital sign outside the truck counted the number of cheers as it crept towards the one million mark.

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Footie Palace

Palace X Umbro is a unique collaboration between English sporting legend Umbro and London skate brand, Palace. The two have teamed up for a twist on football classics, like a re-issue of the famous Italia 1990 away World Cup jersey. Palace has also created a promo video of nostalgic VHS footage re-enacting the second semi-final match between West Germany and England. The short video is set in a traditional British boozer and superbly captures the vibe and excitement experienced on that day.

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Cyclist chic hits the road

In celebration of Levi’s 511 Commuter line leg-wear, designed for commuting cyclists, the Levi’s and Urban Outfitters Bike Shop went on a nationwide US tour. The free public event featured bike tuning with an expert mechanic, customised Levi’s Commuter tailoring, a DIY bike bag workshop, bicycle food carts, a human-powered amusement ride, a commuter obstacle course, Goldsprint racing, and SF-based Heavy Petal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo – a bicycle club of ‘alter-bike mechanics, mariachi-punk musicians, and psychotic clowns who love bikes, beer, and building stuff.’

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Ninja slippers

Nike, noticing the trend towards barefoot running, have designed shoes for it. The Nike Free series combines the best of shoe-free athletics with some of the protection and enhancement that shoes can provide. (If you didn’t already know, there’s evidence that padded shoes change our gait in a way that means heavier heel strikes while running—which could increase the chance of injury. The argument of barefoot running is that we evolved to run without shoes, so shoes that change our gait are probably doing more harm than good.)

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Energy band

Nike has unveiled the Nike+ FuelBand, a wristband that aims to provide a common metric for tracking physical activities. Building on Nike+, the FuelBand tracks ‘NikeFuel’ – units that let people compare, say, a game of basketball to a dance class. People can measure up and compete with others or use the band as motivation to stay fit. You can set daily NikeFuel score goals and the FuelBand turns red, yellow, or green to tell you how you’re doing.

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A new kind of sports drink

Puma has launched its own limited edition craft beer, Kreechr, to mark its entry into the 2011 Volvo Ocean Race. The brand collaborated with micro-brewery Brewers & Union to create the beer, of which only 600 cases were made.

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