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Balls with brains

Ever wanted to scrutinise your sports skills like a pundit from Sky Sports? Now you can. Adidas has invented a football with six cameras embedded into its leather. And Wilson has made a basketball with built-in tracking sensors.

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Yeezy does it

There have been some pretty impressive feats when it comes to sell-out products. The iPhone 5s sold out in less than 24 hours. PlayStation 4 wasn’t too far behind. And the 2014 Glastonbury Festival sold out in just 87 minutes.

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Look around any shoe shop and you’ll spot at least one grumpy-looking bloke, probably slumped against the wall, haplessly waiting for his wife/girlfriend/sister to make up her mind.

But to prove that shoe shopping can be fun for everyone, Australian footwear retailer Sneakerboy has created a totally new type of store specifically aimed at young men.

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Back Hand to the future

Anyone for tennis? With a gyroscope? And an accelerometer? And a piezoelectric sensor in the handle? Then it’s worth taking a look at Babolat’s latest techno-tennis creation.


Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 16.34.39



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Winning in a winter wonderland

Real athletes aren’t put off by rain. Or hail. Or even four foot of slushy snow. Making the rest of us feel like wimps, Nike’s latest campaign pits leading US athletes against their toughest competition yet: the weather.

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Are you motivated to shop?

Sports clothing retailers are experimenting to capture the imagination of shoppers in-store. Many of these initiatives are multi-sensory experiences and installations built around a product or brand to create an emotional bond with people. The sportswear brand Under Armour created a unique experimental retail space to mark its arrival in Shanghai. It focuses on the spirit of sport and exercise, with shoppers first led to view a short film before being guided to the retail area.

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Hit the road, Foster

Why did the Creative Director cross the road? To buy a camper van and head off on a journey of 80,000 miles exploring surf culture in North America. Not funny, by any means, but a true story.

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Going overground

Bank and Monument. Charing Cross and Embankment. Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus. All Londoners know the tube stations you can easily walk between. But now Nike is encouraging us to ditch our Oyster Cards and walk between even the most distant of stops.

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“If you can run a mile, then run a race, run a marathon, outrun a movie star. If you can ride a bike… ride a bull. Ride a tougher bull.”

Nike’s new campaign, ‘Possibilities’ inspires people to push their limits to the max. Narrated by actor Bradley Cooper and directed by the acclaimed Nicolai Fuglsig, the film features an all-star cast of athletes and guest stars, including Serena Williams, Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona and Spain and boxing sensation Andre Ward.

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Today, trainers. Tomorrow, track.

Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe programme takes old athletic shoes and turns them into Nike Grind, a high-quality sports surface used in courts, turf fields and tracks.

It’s all part of their vision to make ‘closed-loop’ products – things that use the fewest materials possible and can be taken apart and recycled into something new.

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