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Hit the road, Foster

Why did the Creative Director cross the road? To buy a camper van and head off on a journey of 80,000 miles exploring surf culture in North America. Not funny, by any means, but a true story.

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Tailor-made tales

Once it was true that ‘clothes maketh the man’. Now it’s more like ‘clothes talketh to woman’. Burberry Prorrsum follows the 2012 launch of its pre-season Made to Order service with Smart Personalisation chips, sewn into each item. (Cheers Jamie.)

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Party people

Brands are increasingly using immersive experiences, combining the real and the fantasy, to connect to people. Bottled water brand Perrier has created an interactive experience doing exactly this. (Cheers Tim.) The Perrier Secret Place is an interactive film that you experience through the eyes of one of 60 guests at a party.

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Stories on a plate

East London eatery Dishoom has created a campaign that enables people to share their café stories. (Nice one Jamie). It’s inspired by Mumbai’s Iranian cafés, where everyone from businessmen to students to old timers meet up to share food and conversation. So, Dishoom has made 80 plates featuring personal memories and tales from these melting pots of café culture.

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The iPad story that unfolds on location

Ever found that your enjoyment of a book is enhanced by wherever you’re reading it? Do you even select your holiday reads to suit your destination?

Tapping into this belletristic pleasure is new iPad novel, The Silent History. Not only is it serialised in daily, commute-friendly excerpts, readers receive extra content when they stray near to the plotline’s map pins.

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Baddest shoes

How did footwear made by a Quaker firm in the quiet English village of Street, Somerset, become the ‘baddest’ shoes in Jamaica? (Nice one, Jamie)

‘Clarks in Jamaica’ is the latest book by DJ and designer Al Fingers, providing a colourful take on Clarks’ celebrated status on the island – where for decades they have ruled as the ‘champion shoes’.

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Lightt-up your life

Lightt is a free social app that creates ‘highlights’ – 10-second photograph sets that play back in just over a second, then repeat. According to the creators, “Lightt attempts to bridge the gap between the sheer snooooozable length of unedited amateur video with the incomplete story of a single photograph” – providing yet another way to share the intimate details of your life.

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A new form of storytelling

Check out these columns in the West Lobby of Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas. Created with LCD monitors behind a mirror, each column updates in real-time – featuring works of art and moving images. The columns also connect to virtual spaces on the internet, creating a ‘live’ conversation.

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Real stories

In the age of the 140 characters, it’s imperative for news to be breaking, fast and short. Or is it? Narratively is ready to bet that’s not the case.


From the expertise of piano movers to stories of female taxi drivers and mass graves outside the Bronx, Narratively covers underreported local stories instead of big headlines and talks about real people, not celebrities. This recipe is refreshing in its simplicity – demonstrating that people can still give space and time to storytelling.

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A fishy tale

Veuve Clicquot has released a limited edition of its famous Brut Yellow Label in a bright-coloured sardine tin. The sardine reference has a long history of association with the champagne label.

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