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Green bottle glamour

The classic glass ‘contour’ Coca-Cola bottle is about as iconic as modern design gets. Synonymous with the brand and instantly recognisable, the bottle has been a staple of Coca-Cola for nearly a century. Now, they’ve teamed up with Nendo to create a range of kitchenware – inspired by the classic bottle.

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Five seconds to change a bad habit

Homecenter Sodimac in Chile asks you to use the 5 seconds before your YouTube video loads wisely. (Cheers, Alex)

As skippable pre-roll advertising becomes more and more prevalent, it’s fascinating to see the emergence of clever ways to leverage the format. The latest and perhaps most clever execution comes from La Casa Eco & Sodimac in Chile, with a pre-roll that aims to raise awareness about ecological habits. You can watch the pre-roll here:

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Bag a bottle

In much of Central America, soft drinks in bottles are often too expensive for the average consumer. Instead, popular domestic sodas are served cheaply in disposable plastic bags, and more expensive drinks like Coca-Cola are just poured into sandwich baggies.

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E waste

The UK accounts for about 15% of the EU’s total electronic waste. In London alone, more than 4,000 televisions are discarded daily. While 450,000 tonnes of e-waste are recycled annually, more than half a million tonnes are unaccounted for.

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No waste café

Joost Bakker, an eco-entrepreneur and sustainable design champion, is no longer ‘imagining a world without waste’ but showing us exactly how it’s done. Unlike her pop-up café Greenhouse, Silo is a permanent visionary model for what an ethical, service-driven (and profitable) café might look like.

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New York’s thirst for art

For the first time in history, New York’s iconic water tanks will be used as canvases for public art. Twelve feet high, thirteen feet in diameter and mostly made of redwood, the water tanks can be seen from almost every corner of the city.

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Driving change

Imagine you’re one of the world’s poorest people, living in rural Africa. How do you get to your job – much less find one? How do you send your children to school, find clean water or get to a medical clinic? Joel Jackson, founder of Mobius Motors, might have the answer (cheers, Alex in London).

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Rent my ride

Whether your car won’t start or disaster has struck public transport, there are times you need to get your hands on a car fast. Renting a car when you need it most can be expensive and difficult to arrange when you’re at the mercy of the major car hire firms. But now, thanks to whipcar.com, you can find a neighbour who’s willing to rent you theirs.

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Shop by recipe

Hunting out recipes and the right ingredients can be the most time-consuming part of cooking. German grocer Kochhaus aims to simplify the process by laying out their stores by recipe, rather than by category. Each week the shop will provide 20 new recipes along with everything required to create them.

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You are what you bin

Singapore’s only landfill is on the island of Pulau Semakau. The Republic of Pulau Semakau series by Singapore-based photographer Zinkie Aw highlights the country’s waste management issues and shows how our rubbish can be an insight into our identity. (Tx again to Charlotte, Singapore)

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