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Red and green should never be seen

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A quick chat with our Biomotive Triggers expert Mr Simon Preece will reveal that red is a rather significant colour. Red alert, red lights, red letters, red rags, red tape, red carpet.

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Quintessentially manly branding

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You can imagine the marketing men for New England brewery Narrangansett muttering, “We’re gonna need a bigger brand.”

Enter Quint, the squint-eyed, shark-hunting antihero from Jaws. Played with chilling charisma by Robert Shaw, he embodies pure manliness on the open seas. And he also glugs down a ‘Gansett or two during the movie.

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Wash and Grow

Every so often the shampoo industry discovers a new ingredient that changes the market. Game-changers like aloe vera, jojoba oil, cucumber extract, and pomegranate seeds. Well now we could be adding Triple, venti, half sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato to that list. Sort of.

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Washed up

Any keen fishermen out there? If you’ve ever had the excitement of thinking you’re reeling in a big one, only to find it’s a bit of floating junk, then this one’s for you.

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What do you call a group of pandas? It’s not a joke from an ice-lolly stick (although feel free to send witty answers on the back of a postcard). The answer is, there isn’t an answer. Pandas don’t have a collective noun because they’re rarely spotted together. Until now.

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A novel idea

Once upon a time there was a book unlike any other. A book so revolutionary it had the power to change lives, communities – even whole countries. A book you could drink.

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What’s your type?

Are you a Times New Roman junkie? An Arial addict? You might not think it matters, but choosing the right font is an important decision – as the US government found out recently.

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Your latest squeeze

Toothpaste has been around for longer than you’d expect. The ancient Greeks and Romans used crushed oyster shells to give them a winning smile. Other historical treatments included the ashes from burnt mice heads.

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Ocean plastic to fantastic

By next year the global annual consumption of plastic is expected to break through the 300 million-tonne mark. Equally unsettling is the statistic that we recycle less than 10% of that. But thanks to the multi-talented, giant hat-wearing phenomenon that is Pharrell Williams, recycling plastic is about to become a lot more fashionable.
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Lost in (public) space

Your pink glove. Your keys. Your half-eaten pack of chewing gum. Have you ever wondered where they all disappear to? If they’re lucky, Yoonjin Lee gets her hands on them. In her project, named ‘Little Lost Project’, she finds discarded objects and gives them a life of their own with little arms and a heart-rending message on a cardboard sign.

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