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Waste makes taste


The saying goes that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Whilst it’s difficult to pinpoint the precise author of this pithicism (possibly Chambers Journal of popular literature, science and arts, 1879) it’s been used as the backbone for many a business in recent years – just look at eBay and Gumtree.

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Equal steaks

Equal steaks

What happens to the feathers of chickens killed to make nuggets? To the wool of lambs slaughtered for Sunday roasts? Or the hide of cows used for meat?

Hang on, we can answer that last one. At least, we can if you live in New York. Husband and wife team Andrew Tarlow and Kate Huling are a restaurateur and leather goods specialist respectively. They both require one common ingredient – cattle – so they use the same cows.

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Bubble and clique

Bubble and clique


Holidays. The perfect time to get away from it all. Forget about the stress and strains modern life. Treat yourself to a couple of weeks relaxing in the middle of nowhere. Well now it seems a couple of French entrepreneurs have taken the idea of ‘spending some time in your own bubble’ quite literally.

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Bring the house down

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.01.55

Sometimes it’s nice to get home, crank up the heating and snuggle under a blanket. After a 5k run is not one of those times. Nor is the end of a sweaty summer’s day in an un-air-conditioned office. Or when you’ve been lugging shopping bags around for what seems like weeks.

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Red and green should never be seen

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.56.20

A quick chat with our Biomotive Triggers expert Mr Simon Preece will reveal that red is a rather significant colour. Red alert, red lights, red letters, red rags, red tape, red carpet.

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Quintessentially manly branding

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.25.48

You can imagine the marketing men for New England brewery Narrangansett muttering, “We’re gonna need a bigger brand.”

Enter Quint, the squint-eyed, shark-hunting antihero from Jaws. Played with chilling charisma by Robert Shaw, he embodies pure manliness on the open seas. And he also glugs down a ‘Gansett or two during the movie.

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Wash and Grow

Every so often the shampoo industry discovers a new ingredient that changes the market. Game-changers like aloe vera, jojoba oil, cucumber extract, and pomegranate seeds. Well now we could be adding Triple, venti, half sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato to that list. Sort of.

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Washed up

Any keen fishermen out there? If you’ve ever had the excitement of thinking you’re reeling in a big one, only to find it’s a bit of floating junk, then this one’s for you.

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What do you call a group of pandas? It’s not a joke from an ice-lolly stick (although feel free to send witty answers on the back of a postcard). The answer is, there isn’t an answer. Pandas don’t have a collective noun because they’re rarely spotted together. Until now.

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A novel idea

Once upon a time there was a book unlike any other. A book so revolutionary it had the power to change lives, communities – even whole countries. A book you could drink.

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