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Spray-on fashion

Done spritzing on your deodorant? Now spray on your t-shirt and trousers. Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres has invented the world’s first clothes-spray, which forms a durable, elastic material when it hits the skin.

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New pins to buy

Pinterest is changing. Soon you’ll be able to use specific pins for food, retail products and movies. Then you’ll be able to click through and actually buy what you’ve been drooling over, rather than just dreaming about it.

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Makr Shakr

Some robots would be no good at mixing a martini. C3PO, for example, would no doubt bruise the gin with those inflexible elbows of his, despite his plummy butler act. But these ‘guys’ put the most balletic of bartenders to shame. Fresh from MIT’s Senseable City Lab and rocking the bar in Milan is Makr Shakr: three robotic arms that can mix any drink you desire.

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Welcome to the newest innovation in tablets: a flexible, paper-thin device that looks and feels like a sheet of paper.

The PaperTab, a high-resolution plastic display PC prototype, was unveiled recently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The team behind the invention said their goal was to emulate the feel of paper – creating a robust, lightweight product that could bend and even be dropped on a desk. If the idea catches on, the way we use tablets could change forever.

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Seasonal time-keeper

Modern life is too often timed to the millisecond. And with our largely urban, techno-centric lifestyles, it’s easy to loose track of the temporal changes in the wider world around us.

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Plugg Radio

Created by Norwegian design duo Skrekkøgle, Plugg is a DAB radio that’s controlled by a cork. Out for sound, in for silence. Produced using hacking electronics, 3D printing and laser cutting, the simple device explores the loss of tangibility in our electronic equipment by focussing on the physical interaction required to use it.

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Armchair shopping

It’s hard, when you’re out furniture shopping, to picture what something will look like in your home. To solve this problem, London- and Helsinki-based start-up, Sayduck, has created an augmented reality mobile app that demonstrates how a piece of furniture looks in a room. The app is interactive, too: digital lamps turn on and off, and you can follow step-by-step assembly instructions in real time.

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Love long-distance

Sex toy brand LovePalz has used motion-sensing technology to help long-distance couples stay intimately connected. (Thanks to Zoe for enlightening us)

The Wi-Fi enabled device features two parts (‘Zeus’ and ‘Hera’), which can be used miles apart. The smart device senses your actions then transmits them, so they’re physically reflected on the other device – providing a real-time virtual sex experience.

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This smart digital picture frame self-updates in real-time, featuring photos from your Instagram feed. (Nice spot, Tim!)

The 600600 LCD touchscreen device lets users log in and connect to the web, then displays their photos (or photos from chosen Twitter users) whenever they’re posted. Users can ‘like’ the posted pictures by using the ‘heart’ button on the top of the device. Get ready for your close-up!

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The real organic deal

Lapka’ is a new iPhone app and accessory kit that allows users to test the ‘organic levels’ of their food.

The kit uses probes and sensors to test the amount of nitrates (non-organic fertilisers) in foods, plus other environmental factors. The kit’s makers hope that the technology will help users to understand more about what they’re eating, and also weed-out ‘fake’ organic produce being peddled at higher prices.

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