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Head over wheels

Head over wheels

Anyone who’s driven in India (or attempted to cross the street there, for that matter) will know the country doesn’t have the highest levels of road safety.

Enter The Good Road, an initiative supported by Castrol and the Bangalore Traffic Police.

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Plane sailing

Plane sailing
Left your passport at home? KLM will pick it up. Not sure whether to take a cardi on your summer hols? Check the KLM tailored weather report. In danger of missing your flight? Let KLM collect you on a motorbike – even if you’re flying with a different airline.

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Practise Safe Text

Just heading home. Back in 5. Do we need wine? For some the temptation to text a nearest or dearest when they’re stuck in traffic is too much to resist. But eternal innovators Apple are proposing to put a stop to all that with a “driver handheld computing device lock-out”.

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Mind the flat-pack

Ladies and gentlemen, we have now arrived in soft furnishings. Change here for bathroom fittings and interior lighting. To celebrate the new IKEA opening near Tachikawa station in Japan, the masters of flat-pack have decked out an entire train with furnishings from the store.

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Pump my ride

There are many challenges in life that push us to our physical limits – running marathons, climbing mountains, rowing oceans. None of these, however, compare to the gruelling test that faces every parent each time they pack for a trip away. Nappies, clothes, bibs, wipes, travelcots, pushchairs, more wipes, toys, snacks, more wipes. And don’t forget the children themselves.
Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 14.13.28

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Flying in the face of the ordinary

For those of us who are accustomed to getting a luke-warm meal and a miniature bottle of wine when we fly long haul, look away now. But if you’re more used to turning left instead of right as you board the plane, you’re in for an eye-opening experience.

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Brains, trains and autobiographies

Writers are a funny bunch. James Joyce wrote in bed. D.H. Lawrence wrote underneath a tree. Dame Edith Sitwell wrote lying in a coffin. T.S. Eliot wrote with his face covered in green powder. Wherever writers get their ideas from, we’re likely to be seeing more of them on the trains across America as Amtrak have opened a ‘writers’ residence’ on their long-haul journeys. (Cheers, Alex.)

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(The advert is) Blowing in the wind

Back in 1978 Bill Weston agreed to be glued to a billboard as part of an ad campaign to demonstrate the strength of Solvite. Whether or not they mentioned to him that they’d be carrying that billboard from a helicopter remains unknown.

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Just the ticket

‘I only left the car for two minutes.’ ‘I was inside the lines.’ ‘The sign said Monday-Friday.’ ‘Didn’t you see my residents’ badge?’

We’ve all been there. That evil bit of paper, slipped under the windscreen wiper when we know it shouldn’t have been. But how many of us have taken the time or effort to contest that ticket? Too few, it seems – especially when you know that 50% of contested tickets are dismissed in the end.

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Cross with care

Nope, you’re not imagining things. And – hopefully at this time of the morning – you’re not drunk either. If you’re in NYC, there’s a good chance the pedestrian crossing did just talk to you. Really.

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