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Network Mail

Whilst Amazon has created a bit of a buzz with their Octo-copter drones delivering packages through the skies, Network Rail have hit back by taking to the tracks. With over 1.5 billion train journeys made on the network every year Doddle (as it is known) allows commuters to pick up their parcels with their pasty on the way home from work.

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Unexpected item in the baggage area

There goes that suitcase with the ribbons tied round the handle. Again. And again. And again.

Waiting for your luggage at the airport is rarely fun – especially if it’s 5am and you’ve just queued for two hours at passport control. But in an effort to perk up impatient people, airports in Japan have introduced all sorts of weird and wonderful things to their carousels. (Thanks, Magic Mich.)

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All aboard the art train

Galleries don’t have to be in big, grand buildings. Or even in buildings at all. Station to Station is a cargo-train-cum-gallery, which displays works of art as it travels across the US.

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First-class bench

For most of us, turning left on a plane is a distant dream. But, thanks to Virgin Atlantic, a few lucky New Yorkers got to experience what it’s like to travel First Class without coughing up hundreds of dollars. And without stepping foot in an airport.

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Love train

Once you’ve wiggled your way onboard the tube carriage, with your head wedged under someone’s armpit and a woman’s giant handbag kidney-punching your ribs, it’s hard to imagine your daily commute as an erotically-charged experience. Imagine then that you’ve stepped into one of Prague Metro’s designated dating cars, and yes that one over there in the hat really is giving you the love-eye… (Nice one, Amy K)

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A regal train ride

The carriage interiors of the RER C rail line in Paris have been decorated to replicate the halls and gardens of the Palace of Versailles.

Concave carriage ceilings recreate Versailles’ vaulted halls, stair landings are transformed into open garden views and vertical walls become the library shelves of Louis XVI. These opulent replications transform a simple train ride into a distinctive and delightful journey.

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Tracks on the tracks

Music is an excellent travelling companion, and a new selection of music from the Gatwick Express train service aims to give riders a musical description of their journey.

The Gatwick Express train travels nonstop between London’s Victoria Station and Gatwick Airport in about 30 minutes. Now, offered exclusively to online ticket buyers, the free tracks include three custom-recorded musical interpretations of the journey from recording artists Philip Sheppard, Benga, and The Milk.

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Creative commuting

Japanese advertising company Shunkosha has developed a new way of engaging with commuters on the Tokyo subway. ‘Strappy’ is a small box which attaches to the subway’s handrails. When commuters touch their phone to the box, it automatically sends them to a URL.

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RIY (repair it yourself) and ride

Motomethod is a new kind of motorcycle repair shop in Vancouver, Canada, where riders come to work on their own bikes while receiving expert staff supervision. You rent out service bays fully equipped with tools, and there’s a parts ordering service plus on-call mechanics to help you repair and customise your ride. The shop’s approach redefines the repair shop model, creating a more interactive, educational customer experience.

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Novel travel

As part of its National Reading Plan, the Catalan Government Railways has teamed up with Random House publishers to get more passengers into a good book.

On ten services, posters on the outside of middle carriages encourage commuters to join the ‘reading train’. Once inside, posters offer a selection of first chapters from 40 popular novels, which can be downloaded with a QR code.

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