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Moving music

Washington DC electronic pop duo, Blue Brain, is giving visitors to the National Mall a different kind of audio guide – the world’s first location-aware album.

Aptly titled The National Mall, the mobile app-cum-album uses GPS tracking to morph the music’s melody, rhythm and instrumentation as the listener moves through hundreds of tagged zones surrounding various landmarks. Blue Brain already has plans underway for similar albums based in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and California’s Highway 1.

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Sexy innards

“Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her” – that’s the cheeky call to action from Reborn to be Alive, a Belgian organ donor foundation. (Many thanks to Andrew H who’s probably offering a kidney!)

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Condom cause

L. is a Los Angeles company making the ultimate female-friendly condom. For every condom purchased on its website, L. donates one condom to women in the developing world. Founded by Talia Frenkel, a longtime photographer for the Red Cross, L.’s mission is to “support women globally by focusing on their sexual empowerment.”

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Room for culture

Melbourne’s Lost & Found Hotel Room is the antidote for faceless hotel chains. Designed by local architect firm Six Degrees, this one of a kind room gives guests a unique Melbourne experience by showcasing the city’s creativity.

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Purina Friskies wants to feed cats and keep them entertained too. Games for Cats, Purina’s new set of iPad/tablet games, are specially designed for maximum feline fun. (Thanks Digital Alex.)

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Play loud

Brand 69Slam makes surf shorts, bikinis and underwear with wild,
in-your-face prints. It all began when the founder decided to rail
against dull, boring briefs and “create mayhem” in his pants. Now the
brand is on a mission to spread a revolution with its motto: PLAY LOUD!
(Thanks to Amy K)

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People are drawn to infographics because they plot out topics in a fun, digestible manner. The online world has infographics of everything under the sun, including the ‘7 Types of iPhone User’ – a mischievous look at how the device has shaped society – and the ‘Can We Date?’ flow chart – a hilarious exploration of dating mores.

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Choco cocktail

The Chocolate Research Facility sells over 100 flavours in its three Singapore outlets. This summer, the brand will introduce 10 new cocktail-inspired flavours wrapped in colourful drink stained packaging, designed by the in-house team.

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Mall box

The pop-up trend gets bigger with Boxpark, a pop-up shopping mall slated to appear this August in London’s Shoreditch area. Made of 60 shipping containers, the two-story mall will reside temporarily at Bishopsgate Goods Yard, an old railway site that’s been unused for almost half a century, and won’t be developed for a few years yet. (Many thanks EW.)

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Off-the-wall fashion

Every month or so, Sony marketing in Japan hangs huge posters off the side of the Sony Building advertising the latest products and promotions, etc. But what happens to these banners after use? The posters are usually recycled, but Sony decided to turn them into jeans, with their Sony Recycle Project: Jeans. The overall message is that everything can be recycled, and that the company is committed to raising awareness for natural resources.

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