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Design your own newspaper

The Guardian news app shows how potential web browsing experiences could evolve. Features for the app include offline browsing, filtering similar stories by topics and authors, and the ability to personalise the home page. While similar features are available on most news apps, the ability to customise the starting page could change how readers consume content.

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Making the ubiquitous unique

The problem with paper cups, as well as the dull design, is that once you’ve put it down, there’s no way of knowing which one was yours. Which means you end up taking another one. Seoul based IaM aims to change all this with their ABC Paper Cup. There’s no chance of confusing yours with another as the unique design comes in 14 variations, including the alphabet from A to Z. The cups also come with suggestions on other ways to enjoy them.

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Put your best Facebook forward

With so many online photo opportunities these days, you’ve got to put your best face forward. Which is why Este?e Lauder is offering customers a free makeover and online photo of the result.

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How can you help people spice up their routines?

MUJI’s taste-leaf book is the flat-pack spin on cooking.

Instead of using real herbs, the spicy little book is filled with flavoured sheets of paper that you simply tear off and add to your meal.

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