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From ironic to iconic

There was a time, not so long ago, when receiving a winter-pattern sweater on Christmas day would be greeted with insincere smiles and thanks. But in this world of ironic cool that we live in the Christmas sweater has been elevated to a must-have status, and Coke Zero’s Sweater Generator has just added a competitive edge to it.
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A cut above barbers

It’s November. The month of falling leaves, fireworks, and farcical facial hair. So as men up and down the country trim their ‘taches for charity it seems only fitting to feature Harry’s, a new online/ offline barbers that sells premium grooming products without the premium prices. (Apologies for the over-alliteration in the previous two sentences.)

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The postman always brings rice

It started with books. Then came films. And games. And toys and toiletries and clothes and pretty-much-everything-you-can-think-of-except-groceries. Until now. In Seattle and LA, at least. Yes, online giants Amazon have taken a second bite at the cherry by launching their grocery service in Los Angeles. (Hats tipped towards Em.)

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Bite your lip

First we had restaurants where the food was served in the pitch dark (Dans Le Noir? London). Now the latest restaurant to jump on the sensory deprivation bandwagon is Eat in Brooklyn’s oh-so-chic Greenpoint neighbourhood. (Silent nod to Em!)

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Blokked calls

No more scrambling to switch off your phone before meetings. No more interrupted meals. And no more panicking about the Marimba blasting out during your child’s school play.

Blokket is a slim pouch made of a silver and nylon material that blocks cellular signals while your phone is inside. Designed to help people – literally – switch off from technology, it also protects against identity theft, as chipped ID cards and passports inside the pouch can’t be accessed by unauthorised RFID readers.

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Food tripping

You’ve been ‘good’ all week. Soups, salads and only one sneaky chocolate. Now it’s the weekend and you’re off on a road trip. When hunger hits, you don’t have many options apart from refuelling on filthy burgers and fried chicken. But, my friends, it doesn’t have to be that way (much as we may like the excuse to indulge on the road).

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Bow-tying one on

‘The King of Beers’ has been given a bit of a makeover. Budweiser’s new waisted cans mirror the bow tie shape of the brand’s logo, giving you a stylish new way to get… wasted. (Please drink responsibly.)

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The Target Chalet

Department stores are famous for many things, but having an incredible team of in-house creatives is rarely one of them. Target, a mid-market department store in America, have bucked the trend – building a strong in-house marketing and advertising department. One of the most interesting things they’ve created recently is TargetChalet – a home-from-home for Target athletes. (Cheers, Jamie)

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The clever people at Ojo have used an eye-chart-based design for their dietary supplement brand. The products were developed as an alternative to AREDS vitamin pills, which are large and can cause upset stomachs. Ojo means ‘eye’ in Spanish, and unsurprisingly this brand was developed by an opmathologist!

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The bookless library

With eReaders like the Nook Simple Touch and the Kindle Fire HD fast becoming the main vehicles for literature, one library in Texas is embracing the digital age. (Cheers Jamie)


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