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You can coco

You can coco

The times when the chocolate urge hits are usually the times when you can’t really be bothered to trudge down to the shops. What if you could, say, just download some chocolate? Like, print it out and get guzzling? All without moving from your desk / sofa / duvet? Mike TV and Willy Wonka though it was a pretty good idea. And Hershey does too.

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Must-have home features

Must have home features 1

Ever wondered if your face is –ahem– alarming? You’re about to find out.

Welcome to the facial recognition intruder alarm, simply known as… ‘Welcome’. Unveiled at 2015 International CES, French company Netatmo’s first home security device houses a camera that can tell the difference between your domestic tribe and a dodgy trespasser.

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Outdo you

Outdo you

Outdoing others is not the zeitgeist for 2015. Beating yourself is. We’re not talking self-flagellation, but self-motivation. Or rather, Nike is.

To inspire runners across the pond to out-perform their 2014 track records, they’ve turned to man-of-the-moment illustrator, McBess, and data gleaned from its Nike+ members. The result is more than 100,000 personalised animations that feature your own, big-eyed avatar training in your home city, complete with the actual atmospheric and aerobic challenges you battled through in the last 12 months.

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Cut the mustard

Cut the mustard 1

Nope, there’s not a blockage in your beer pump. That thick, yellow liquid flowing from the tap is actually mustard. And very nice mustard at that.

French brand Maille has just opened its first stand-alone boutique in the US, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side (tasty spot, Tet).

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The day I won a Warhol

The day I won a Warhol

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAm8nZHoCgk

Perhaps more closely associated with canned soup than Swedish vodka, the spirit of Andy Warhol lives on in the latest collaboration from Absolut.

Alongside the release of a limited edition bottle inspired by Warhol’s work, Absolut has set up a platform for artists around the world to create, share and exchange their own digital artworks.

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Health watch

Health watch

Need to know how healthy you are? Just check your wrist. No, not your pulse – your cool digital health monitor.

Walgreens, America’s largest drugstore chain is embracing digital technology in a bid to become a one-stop shop, not only for pharmaceuticals but also for lifestyle and preventative healthcare products.

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Putting the brand on ice

brand on ice

How cool is that? In a recent collaboration, premium whisky brand Chivas Regal 18 commissioned Italian design house Pininfarina to create a limited edition ice press for the on-trade. The press, which produces ice teardrops bearing the brand’s ‘18’ mark, will be gifted to the world’s most exclusive watering holes.

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Talk dirty. Eat healthy.

Talk dirty 1

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar7g_26QWu0

In the professional kitchen, it’s generally accepted that a few flying expletives really help a dish come together. In a cookbook however, it’s a bit of a shock to find recipes in which the language is just as ripe as the ingredients. With the launch of their vegan recipe book, Thug Kitchen show they’re not afraid to throw in a generous helping of sweariness.

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Pleasant pluckers

Pleasant pluckers

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7quQcr4H68

Venturing into the great outdoors over the holiday season? Then you’ll appreciate that nothing quite compares to the warmth and comfort afforded by a genuine goose down jacket. There’s little comfort for the goose however. Down is a by-product from geese bred for the dinner table. And while most are reared humanely, in extreme cases birds are forced to endure live plucking and force-feeding.

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Season’s greetings by (robot) hand

Part of our 12 Pokes of Christmas. Look out for more throughout December.

Season’s greetings

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to ask the tough questions. Like, who gets onto the Christmas card list this year? The nice cab driver who returned your iPhone last week. Or Julie from Personnel, who was definitely a bit snippy in the elevator this morning. It’s a significant task, sharing the seasonal love, but fortunately help is at hand. A robot hand, to be precise.

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