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Everything for U

Toaster – check. Kettle – check. Bed, sofa, lampshade, desk, linen, pictures, cushions, chairs, glasses, cutlery – check. Spotting the trend for freshers heading off to university with more than just the bare necessities, Target has launched a back-to-college marketing campaign called ‘Everything for U’.

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All aboard the art train

Galleries don’t have to be in big, grand buildings. Or even in buildings at all. Station to Station is a cargo-train-cum-gallery, which displays works of art as it travels across the US.

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Healthy Corner Store

Going to the corner shop for sweets is a special treat for most children. But in Philadelphia, the poorest and most obese city in the US, researchers found that half the kids in low-income neighbourhoods shop at corner stores twice a day.

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A playboy for today?

Playboy is attempting to reach a younger audience and ‘re-assert itself into American youth culture’ through a series of specially-commissioned art projects.

The first is a giant installation by the side of a road in Texas. Designed by Richard Phillips, it features the Playboy bunny hovering above a black Dodge Charger on a concrete plinth. By contrasting the Texas landscape with an iconic car, the piece is intended to ‘capture the spirit of Playboy in its heyday’.

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Clicks and mortar

Online shopping’s all very well. But what if you want to touch, sniff and try before you buy? To prove the high street isn’t completely dead, online marketplace Storenvy has opened a shop for their online traders, allowing them to sell their wares in the real world.

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Scannable sushi

We’ve seen them on everything from cereal boxes to billboards, airplane banners to gravestones. And now, QR codes have found their way onto sashimi and salmon rolls.

Yes, chef Robert Ruiz has found a way to print QR codes in edible ink on rice wafers. When you scan the code, you’re taken to a site outlining information on the dish you’re about to eat, including where the ingredients come from.

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Window shopping

If you’re strolling through New York, keep an eye out for one of eBay and Kate Spade’s interactive storefronts.

Instead of just gazing longingly into closed stores, shoppers will be able to browse and order from Kate Spade’s new Weekender line using a touchscreen. The screens are ‘open’ 24 hours a day, and even let you schedule free delivery to anywhere in NYC and pay with PayPal when your goodies arrive.

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New York with sprinkles on top

If New York were an ice cream, would it be chocolate or coffee? And would it be drizzled with caramel, mixed with marshmallow or packed with chunks of waffle?

Ben & Jerry’s is letting fans craft a flavour of ice cream to represent D.C., SF, NYC, Portland, and Seattle. (Thanks for the scoop, Jamie.) There are all sorts of ingredient options to vote for. And as everything is supplied by local partners, they really will be ice creams churned by the people, for the people.

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Hello to freshness

Standing in the toothpaste aisle at Walgreen’s, Craig Dubitsky got the idea for his latest company, Hello. ‘The whole oral hygiene industry is based on fear and shame,’ he says. ‘It’s as if there’s a war going on inside your mouth – you have to eliminate, destroy, arm yourself with these toxic products.’

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Heaven scent

Finding a new fragrance is often a daunting task. After hours of sampling, all you’re left with is numbed senses and a pounding head – but now, LA-based start-up Commodity have developed a solution. Their bespoke scent tailoring system enables users to find their ideal fragrance by filling out a set of questions and creating their own personal ‘scent profile’.

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