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This round’s on Canada

Remember the days of worrying about whether you’d get served? This Canada Day, those memories came flooding back for beer drinkers across Europe. The brewer Molson positioned fridges full of free beer everywhere from central London to rural Belgium. The catch? You could only open them with a Canadian passport.

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Doggy vending machine

What will your dog do for food? Roll over? Shake hands? Bark a tune?

To show the lengths dogs will go to for a bite to eat, pet care brand Bakers set up the world’s first vending machine for dogs in a London park. (What a good boy, Jamie C!)

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The coolest vending machine in the world…

…but not for long. 7Up have proved there’s more than one carbonated beverage brand that can do crowd-pleasing guerrilla marketing.

Cast from ice, The Melting Machine appeared on the streets of Buenos Aeries offering passers-by a perfectly cold drink on a hot day. Read more on The coolest vending machine in the world……

The ATM of Happiness

Good old Coca-Cola are spreading happiness once again – this time in the form of an ATM machine in Spain that dispensed 100 free euros before people even put in their cards. The
‘The ATM of Happiness’ dispensed free cash to those who interacted with it, with the sole condition that they share their good fortune with others.

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Do you ever step into a bookstore and find yourself overwhelmed by the selection?
If you live in Toronto, The Monkey’s Paw (a second-hand bookstore) has a wonderful solution: the Biblio-Mat. Feed the lovingly hand-constructed machine $2, and the pulley-system will dispense a random title for your reading pleasure. The perfect solution for indecisive book lovers! (Good spot, Polly!)

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Tiny vending

A tiny vending machine, designed to dispense healthy snacks for toddlers, has been launched by food brand Ella’s Kitchen. Standing 115 cm tall, with ‘bespoke features’ to help little hands access their own nutritious treats, the dispenser was designed with the average 1-year-old (and their parents) in mind.

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Tweet for your tea

Check out this Twitter-powered vending machine, created by South African organic ice tea brand BOS (thanks Charlotte, Singapore). Consumers can tweet the brand’s account, alerting the vending machine to dispense a free can of BOS tea. Simple, but effective!

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A Los Angeles cupcake shop, Sprinkles, has introduced a 24-hour cupcake automat.

Customers can pull up to the pink machine, swipe their card and select one of eight flavoured cupcakes for $4.

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Analogue vending

Japan is a land of convenience, where nearly 5.5 million vending machines keep 127 million people topped up on fruit, soft drinks, socks, razors and suchlike. But if a power-related disaster strikes, the only way to get at the goods is by breaking the machine open.

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Mature vending

Kraft is promoting Temptations, its first line of indulgent adult desserts, with ‘adult only’ vending machines equipped with facial-recognition devices.

Adults are verified and sent a code via text or barcode that they can use to dispense their choice of six Temptations flavours. If a kid tries to get a taste, the panel illuminates with the message: ‘Sorry, kid. You’re too young to experience indulgence like this. Please step away so the adults can get their free treat.’

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