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Arm yourself with information

Arm yourself with info 1

Is your forearm ready for the future? It could be your new interface, if French tech start-up Cicret bring their ‘working prototype’ to market.

A game-changer in functionality, if not wearable aesthetics, the Circet Bracelet projects a touchscreen directly onto your skin. So you can flick through emails, play (one-handed?) games, and navigate calls or city streets all with a click of the wrist.

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The band of nod

The band of nod

Admit it. How many of us nodded off while we were watching TV over Christmas and missed the best / most important / most tear-jerking bit?

For all you sofa snoozers out there, the KipstR is here to save the day. With the help of Virgin Media, two students have created a wristband that detects when you’re falling asleep and starts to record the TV as soon as your eyes shut.

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Just what the doctor measured

Just what the doctor measured

Forget little brown bottles, injections or tubes of ointment. Thanks to a student from the Central Saint Martins Textiles Futures course, doctors of tomorrow could prescribe something as simple as a change of underwear.

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No ordinary shirt

No Ordinary Shirt 1

Whoa. Wait a minute. Wearable technology? Yes, clearly big goals are being kicked in Australia. Meet the ‘Alert Shirt’: a jersey that allows fans to experience what AFL football players are feeling live during televised games – from the couch.

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The darling buds of play

Touchscreen gave power to our fingertips. Google glass gave us the ability to see into another world. Now it’s time for your ears to be given a superhuman makeover, with a new range of ‘hearables’ (aka smart earbuds).

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The magic touch

Long distance relationships just got a lot more exciting. A new product from Durex means you can send your partner a Daily Poke from wherever you are in the world – and not like the one you’re reading. Fundawear lets you send your touch via an app over land and sea and right into your partner’s pants.

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